Letter to a friend thanking him for hospitality during a short stay

A true friend is one who helps us in our bad situation. If you have a friend like this then you are very lucky. If your friend helps you. Then you should write a thanking letter to him. Read this article “How to write a letter to a friend thanking him for the hospitality”.

Informal Letter to friend thanking him for hospitality during short stay

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Letter to a friend thanking him for hospitality during the short stay

17, Dounthi Bazar,

15th Feb. 20…

My dear Aman,

I have reached here safe and sound after spending a fortnight with you at Srinagar and I take this opportunity to thank you for the hospitality that you showed to me. I am really proud of you.

So long as I was with you, I felt quite at home. All the members of your family were kind and considerate towards me. They did not let me feel homesick. Your parents treated me as their own son. Your servants spared no pains to make me feel comfortable. Really speaking I can never forget the kindness and courtesy shown to me by each one of you. Your nephew looked upon me as his own uncle. The little Munna would play with me. He would bring out all his toys and display them before me.

Even you had to take leave from your college to take me around the important places in the city. Last Sunday we visited the famous Mughal Gardens and enjoyed over selves most. I heartily thank you all for the trouble that you took for my sake.

Please convey my best compliments to your parents and love for children.

May I invite all of you to Jammu during the winter vacation? It might be freezing cold at Srinagar and the bracing climate of Jammu in winter is bound to do you good. We shall have a jolly good time during the X-mass.

With good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

This is all about a letter to your friend thanking him for the hospitality you enjoyed during your short stay with him


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