Informal letter to mother describing how you escaped the accident

It is an “Informal letter to mother telling her how you escaped the accident”. In this article a son is sending a letter to his mother for describing her how he has escaped from the accidents while going to college by bus.

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Informal letter to Mother

Informal letter to mother

92, Daryaganj,


1 5th December 2016.

My dear Mother,

Your last letter reached me duly. As I was rather busy these days, I could not reply earlier. I hope that the slight indisposition you complained of has passed over by now.

A few days back. I had rather a new experience. You know that I go to college by bus. I prefer a bus to all other conveyances as the bus travels faster and is also cheap. Now you are perfectly aware of the roaring traffic in the streets of Delhi, motor cars, trucks, lorries, scooters, and what not.

Our bus was threading its way at a pretty swift speed through the maze of traffic. While the bus was thus proceeding the road in front of us was for a time comparatively free of traffic. The driver could not check his temptation and put on more speed. By this time the bus had neared a crossing when all of a sudden a motor car emerged from the left side of the crossing.

It was an awful moment for all of us, who were on the bus and for the driver and occupants of the motor-car. Everyone expected, for both the vehicles were at high speed. But the driver of our bus with great pluck and presence of mind suddenly swerved his vehicle to the right and thus saved a terrible disaster.

But though this danger was averted, there was yet another, though a bit less dangerous, awaiting us. When the driver of our bus found himself faced with the danger of dashing against the car, there was a country-cart on its right. The driver had not noticed this.

So the moment he swerved his car, it dashed against the cart. But as the speed had been reduced at the time of serving the impact with the cart was not very great. The cart driver was thrown off his seat. But for a few bruises, he escaped unhurt, thanks to God. Miraculously enough, we who were in the bus had only a rough jostling and nothing more. You need not be anxious about me, for, I have not even a scratch on my body.

I am doing well. Wist best respects.

Your loving son,


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