Letter to neighbour about the nuisance caused by his dog

Sometimes, we face many problems because of our neighbors. If you are also facing a problem with your neighbor. You can easily write a letter to him by explaining your problem instead of fighting. So, read this article Informal letter writing to the neighbor about the nuisance caused by his dog”.

Informal letter to neighbour about the nuisance caused by his dog

Letter to neighbor about the nuisance

35, Main Street,

5th April, 20..

Dear Mr. Rahul,

It pains me to bring it to your kind notice that your dog ‘Jack’ is a regular source of nuisance for all of us. It barks all night with the result that we are often disturbed in our sleep. Yesterday it bit our servant who is now lying wounded in the hospital for treatment. During the daytime, it often comes to our house and frightens the children.

Moreover, it sometimes carries off our chickens from the garden. It has already spoiled our garden much and if we try to drive it away it jumps and barks at us. Most of my friends are so terribly afraid of your dog that they have stopped calling at our house.

I admit that you have every right to keep a dog to guard your house, but it is advisable to keep it unchained even during the day time. It is written in the Bible, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I do not want to pick a quarrel with you over such a petty matter. I want to avoid any clash of opinion between you and me

As your dog prevents me from coming and talking to you personally, I have to approach you by post. I hope you will certainly realize our inconvenience and mental worry and will not give me any more cause for complaint

If you keep your dog Chained Properly, there would be no trouble and our relations will remain cordial.

Yours sincerely,
Ramesh Sehgal.

This is all about Informal letter to neighbor about the nuisance.

Thank you.


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