Informal Letter to sister recommending few books for her to read

Reading a book is a good habit. It helps to improve our knowledge. It also helps to improve our reading skills. Some people think that reading a book is a waste of time. But it is wrong. Reading books is very much useful for everyone.

For students, it is necessary to make a habit of reading books regularly. If you don’t know which book to read. You can take the help of someone who can recommend you some books to read.

Informal Letter to sister recommending few books for her to read

Letter to sister recommending a few books for her to Read

12, Maqbool Road,

October 15, 20……

My dear Ambika,

I hope you have liked your new life at college. You must be finding it strange but full of thrills. There is independence and a sense of responsibility in this life. These days, the professors must be proceeding with the lessons slowly. You must be trying your best to adjust yourself to lectures in English.

After joining college, one likes to improve one’s English. The best way to do so is to read some books. I would suggest that you should get some good books issued and read them at home with the help of a dictionary. To begin with, you must read biographies and autobiographies. Mahatma Gandhi’s ’My Experiments with Truth’ is written in easy language. It makes very interesting reading.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s ’Discovery of India’ is also eminently readable. “Daughter of the East’ by Benazir Bhutto is also quite interesting though at certain places she has told lies deliberately. The stories of ’Freedom Fighters’ are also quite interesting. For lighter reading, you could also read some novels by R.K. Narayan. I think if once you get interested in reading books, you will find them the best companions. In addition to the above, you should keep on reading newspapers and magazines regularly.

I shall soon be sending you a parcel of three or four books. I am sure you will enjoy them these days.

Yours affectionately,

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This is all about a Letter to a sister recommending a few books for her to read. 

Thank you.


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