Informal Letter to teacher thanking him for help in studies

Informal Letter to teacher

We all know a teacher is a great boon for the students. If you have a good teacher no one can stop you to become successful. Teacher plays a very important role in the student’s life.

A good teacher always supports students and pushes them to do their best. He also guides students what is good for them. He helps the students at the time of examination.

If your teacher helps you in your studies. It is your duty to thanks your teacher for it. You can write a letter to your teacher for thanking him. If you don’t know how to write a letter to teacher for thanking. Read this Letter to Thank teacher for help in studies.

Informal Letter to teacher thanking

Letter to teacher thanking for help in studies

22, Greater Kailash,

New Delhi.


My dear Sir,

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you for the invaluable help rendered by you in my studies at great personal inconvenience to yourself. In fact, I was hopelessly backward, due, as you know, to my prolonged illness and I really found myself at sea. I would, without doubt, have fared miserably in my examination but for your timely assistance, which was indeed god-send. You spared no pains to pull me through my difficulties and I must thank God that your selfless labor has not gone in vain.

With my best respects.

Yours obediently


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You can write this letter to your teacher for thanking him. Students should also read this article carefully because this type of letter may also be asked in the exams. Hope you liked this article.



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