Informal Letter to uncle telling him profession you wish to adopt

If you have chosen any profession and want to share it with your uncle by writing a letter. Then read this article “Informal Letter to uncle telling him the profession you wish to adopt in life and asking him honest advice on your choice of the profession”.

Informal Letter to uncle telling him profession you wish to adopt

Informal Letter to uncle telling him profession you wish to adopt

Examination Hall,

…. Centre.


17th February, 201…


My dear Uncle,

I am really glad to learn that you are taking a keen interest in my future. You have asked me to inform you what profession I would like to follow in my life. It is a very ticklish question which has puzzled my brain and baffled my understanding.

Various kinds of ideas have flashed across my mind, but when I look upon the merits and demerits of each profession, I really feel confused. To tell you the truth, I am at sea and I don’t know which road I should take. Sometimes, I think that I should become a businessman. Businessmen are the cream of society and the backbone of our nation.

They lead a very independent and luxurious life. They have all the pleasures and comforts of life at their disposal. But when I look upon the dark side of a businessman I feel nervous.

A businessman has to lead a monotonous and stationary life which is soul killing and revitalizing. He dies for money and to him contentment is suicide. Though money is the main thing in life yet it is not the only thing in life. Therefore the profession of a businessman can’t suit me.

Sometimes I think I should become a doctor because a doctor’s profession is very noble. Doctors do a lot of social service by placing a soothing balm on the affected hearts of the suffering children of God.

There is nothing nobler than stamping out disease and death from this world, but when I look upon the grim side of this profession, I feel utterly disappointed. This profession is so overcrowded that we find doctors in every nook and corner of the city.

Moreover, a doctor is always surrounded by disease and death, weeping children, shrieking women and groaning old men. His dullest months are those when people are bright and healthy.

Sometimes, I think of becoming a film star because film stars rule the heart and soul of the modern generation. Young men and women not only admire them but also adore and worship them, but my parents are deadly against this profession because they think that the film-stars don’t enjoy any status in our society and they are immoral beings.

I want to take that profession which provides me the great variety of life. Variety is the spice of life and I want to drink the cup of life to the lees. I want to become a professor in a first-rate college and The title of a professor is a round of joys because he is always surrounded by young students. He is the maker of the nation.

He disciplines the minds of the young men and women who are to become the citizens and brings sweetness and light to the young minds whom he prepares for the battle of life. I hope you will approve of my choice and I shall be anxiously awaiting your honest opinion about it.


With best wishes,

Yours affectionately,


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