Informal Letter to Uncle thanking him for the Birthday Present

Everyone likes birthday because, on this day, you get so many gifts. We wait for this with great excitement. You also get so many wishes from your loving once. We celebrate a birthday with friends and family. If you get gifts from someone.

You should say thanks to them. You can write a letter to thank him. In this article, I will tell you How to write “Letter to Uncle thanking him for Birthday Gift”.

Write a letter to Uncle thanking for birthday present

Informal Letter to Uncle thanking him for Birthday

16, Model Town,


October 30, 2016

My dear uncle,

What a surprise was in store for me when on opening the parcel sent by you I found a nice Titan wrist-watch, which the enclosed letter told me was a birthday present for me. It was a real delight to receive this present from you and I cannot but thank you heartily for it. It goes without saying that this gift is a token of the deep love you have for me.

As such the watch has a great value in my eyes. Hitherto I had been doing things in a haphazard way without any reckoning of time; Henceforward I mean to do everything in its proper time. By this means, I hope to make better use of time which has so long been wasted. This thoughtful present of yours will, I am confident, be instrumental in conferring upon me untold benefit.

Thanking you again.

Your beloved nephew,

Naresh Batra

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This is all about “Informal Letter to Uncle for the Birthday Present”. By writing this letter to your Uncle, you can thank him for the birthday gift.

I also want to tell you that this type of letter is mostly asked in the examination. So, this letter is also beneficial for students. Hope you liked it.



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