Informal Letter to Younger Brother advising him on Choice of Friends

It is true that friends play an important role in our life. But if our friend circle is not good then it can also harmful to us. For students, it is necessary to live in a good friend circle because a bad friend circle can affect their studies. Read “Informal Letter to brother advising him on the choice of friends”.

Informal Letter to younger brother advising him on choice of friends

You can write this letter to your brother who has newly joined college because college life is different from school life. This letter is also asked in the examination. So, students should read this article carefully.

Letter to Younger brother advising him on the choice of friends

94, Model Town

April 17, 20…

Dear Ramesh,
                    You are at college now. You have entered a new stage of life. College life is much different from school life. You have more freedom and more responsibility. So that you must be careful about the choice of friends.

You must have friends but friends should be fit and few. See that your friends are true and sincere, honest and faithful. Everyone is not fit to be a friend. Keep false friends at arm’s length. Your friends should be simple and clean inhabits. They should be serious about their studies. They should be good students and good players. You should study and play together.

You must avoid the company of bad boys. Keep away from those who smoke, drink, and gamble. Keep away from those who are mad after fashions and films. Always keep in mind your aim. Have only those friends who help you in achieving the goal. Remember you have to shine in studies and sports. In no case, you should waste your time in the company of foolish friends.

With best wishes,

Yours affectionately,

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This is all about How to Write an Informal Letter to the younger brother advising him on the choice of friends. by writing this letter you can advise your younger brother to make good friends. 

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