Informal Letter to younger brother urging him to read newspapers

Reading newspapers is important for every especially for students because it keeps you updated about the outside world. But most of the students ignore reading the newspaper. They think that it is a waste of time. But the reading newspaper is not a waste of time. It increases our general knowledge.

Informal Letter to younger brother urging him to read newspapers

Letter to younger brother urging him to read newspapers regularly

25, Model Town,

15th June 2021

My dear Kaul,

Yesterday I felt pained and surprised to learn from dear father that you are not fond of reading newspapers. Well, nothing can be more foolish than this. You, perhaps, know that I am a regular reader of newspapers. I can’t do without them. If I don’t get them in the morning, I feel as if I had missed something. My vocabulary now is rich and my thoughts are high. I, therefore, advise you to take an interest in newspaper reading. Don’t have only bookish knowledge. Don’t waste your time reading cheap novels, film plots, and magazines.

Let me tell you some of the advantages of newspapers. They give us the latest news about our country and other countries. We today live in an age of newspapers. Sitting at home we can have an idea of world affairs. Without their study, we are like the frog of well. They educate us and mold our opinion. They are the voice of the people and a mirror of their hearts. Through them, we can criticize social evils and corrupt government officials.

They are a link between the people and the government. The people can get their complaints removed through them. They, thus protect the rights and liberty of the people. They serve as a bridge between one country and the other. Different countries come to know more and more of one another through them.

They are a source of advertisement and propaganda. Different parties and persons use them for their town benefit. Businessmen advertise their articles through them. They are also a means of entertainment. When we feel dull, we can read them and amuse ourselves. They are our constant companions at home and on our journey. We read about games and sports events and the latest records made in them.

During the election days, they play an important part. They tell us the policy and program of different parties. In fact, They are very useful in democracy and they are the guardian of the people. They inspire them, guide them and inform them and they also bring about national unity. In short, they have become a part and parcel of our life.

I am sure, you will now start taking interest in newspaper reading. Don’t feel disappointed if you do not understand and like them in the beginning. After a few days, you will enjoy them. If you act upon my advice, you will gain in the long run.

with love,
Yours affectionately
Jagan Nath

This is all about a letter to younger brother insisting him to read newspapers.

Thank you


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