Letter to your friend asking him to join you on trip

There is no fun if you go on a trip without your friends. If you are planning for a trip and also want to ask your friend to join you. Then this article will help you. Read this article “Informal Letter writing to a friend asking him to join you on a trip” carefully. By writing this letter to your friend you can ask him to go on a trip with you.

Informal Letter to your friend asking him to join you on trip

Letter to your friend asking him to join you on trip

202, Snow View,

June 20, 20…

My dear Hari,

We are holidaying here. The climate is cool and bracing. The scenery is charming. Our cottage is quite a place. It is situated on the top of a little hill. It commands a beautiful view. The hills all around are covered with trees and flowers. Towards the north is snow-clad mountain peaks. There are beautiful shady walks here.

Won’t you come here and share my bliss (happiness)? We shall have a very good time here. Together we shall go out and enjoy the beautiful sights. We shall listen to the voice of the wandering winds and songs of birds.

There are many picnic spots here. We have already picnicked at Panjpula Water Works, Dain-Kund, and Kala Tope. We are thinking of going to Khajiar someday.

If you decide to come, write to me. I shall receive you at the bus-stand if you write to me the date and the time of your arrival.

Don’t disappoint me. During the last vacation, when I was with you, you had promised to come to us in the following vacation. I am sure you will keep your promise. I can again assure you that your trip will be really enjoyable. My parents will be glad to accord you a warm welcome.

Hoping for your early arrival,

Yours sincerely,

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Thank you.


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