Informal letter to younger brother who is Neglecting his Studies

No one can define the love between two brothers. Some brothers care for each other too much. A big brother treats and guides his younger brother like a father. It is true that when we join a bad company or a bad friend circle. We start losing our focus on studies.

If your younger brother is also in bad company and neglecting his studies, then you can guide him in the right way by writing a letter to him. Read “Informal letter to your younger brother who is neglecting his studies and associating with bad boys”.

Informal letter to younger brother who is Neglecting his Studies

Letter to younger brother who is neglecting his studies

120, Sher Shah Suri Marg,


My dear Munish,

I have just received a letter from father complaining against your ways at school. He says that your Progress Report shows that you shirk homework and are at the bottom of your class in most of the subjects, He also writes that you have fallen into bad company with expensive habits. I am deeply pained to learn all this about you.

My dear brother, you are too young to understand what you are doing. A person is known by the company he keeps. You are there in college to learn. You should not waste your precious years in idle pursuits, nor in the company of idlers. It is time to build up your career, otherwise, you will repent afterward when it would be too late.

I am sure you will take my advice to heart and make up your mind to work regularly on your studies. As soon as you receive my letter, please write to father promising him to mend your ways. That’s like a good boy.

Yours affectionately,
Romesh Chander.

So, learners, By writing this letter to your younger brother you can guide your brother to leave the bad company and to focus on his studies.

Thank You

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