Informal letter writing to a friend who is in the hospital

We feel very bad if any of our family member and friend is ill. If your friend is ill and he is in the hospital. If you can’t go to him. Then you can write a letter to him. Read how to write a letter to a friend who is in the hospital. I hope you will like it.

Informal letter writing to a friend who is in the hospital

Letter to a friend who is in Hospital

169, Chand Bazar,

April 30, 2021

Dear Kulwant,

I was very sorry to know from a letter of your uncle that you are lying ill in the government hospital of your place. About a fortnight earlier. I had received a letter from you in which you informed me that you were not keeping well. You were suffering from fever and occasional pain in the abdomen. But I never thought that the matter would take such a serious turn.

Your uncle informs me that you were taken to the Govt. Hospital on the 20th. It is very good that you are now under the treatment of good doctors. I hope the temperature must have become normal by now and the pain subsided. Under expert medical care, you will soon become your normal self again.

After you recover from the illness, you should be careful to keep in mind certain things so as to maintain your health. First, you should not overwork yourself too much. Hard work, no doubt, is of great value and nothing can be achieved without it. But too much of everything is bad and health is always more valuable than anything else in the world

Secondly, you should be careful about your food. You should take your meals at regular intervals. This will help your digestion and build up your health and energy. You should also take plenty of seasonal fruits.

I hope you will accept my advice and follow these elementary rules of health in the future. At the moment you should follow the advice given to you by the doctors.

Please write to me by the return of post about your latest condition. Please pay my respects to your uncle and aunt and love to the kiddies.

Yours sincerely,


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