Informal Letter Writing to advice younger brother for his studies

Education is the main part of every student’s life. But some students don’t take studies seriously. Their mind may get diverted to other things rather than studying. If your brother or friend also diverted from their studies then you should advise them to take studies seriously and also tell them the scope of studying hard.

Informal Letter Writing to advice younger brother for his studies

In the below article a person is advising his younger brother to take studies seriously and also telling him how their parents are spending money on him. It is a Letter to advise the younger brother for his studies.

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Informal Letter Writing to advice younger brother for his studies


Examination Hall,



January 7, 201…


My dear Gopal,


We have had no news from you for a long time. Father was going to see you, when last evening, a letter from your Principal reached him. The letter has given us a shock and we are pained to know that you have been neglecting your studies and have failed in all subjects in the test. Your Principal says that you shirk your studies and are at the bottom of your class in most of your subjects.

You have sadly disappointed us. I cannot understand why you have been unable to show better results in the examination. My dear brother, I don’t want you to waste your precious time in idle pursuits. You are too young to understand What you are doing. It is time to build your career.

I will like to remind you strongly that time once lost can never be got back. You must, therefore, learn to value time and give up your negligence and irregularity. You should also remember that the University examination is hardly three months ahead. If you do not work hard, you may fail in that examination too. And what a shame it would then be to you and the family I am sure you will value these words and mend your ways at once.

Hope you will soon do better and end the worries of father and mother. As soon as you receive my letter, write to father assuring him that you would mend your ways. Make up your mind to work regularly from today. Be a good boy.


With best wishes,

Yours affectionately,


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