Informal Letter Writing to father describing exhibition held in city

Exhibitions are always held in cities. We always enjoy these exhibitions. If you also visited the exhibitions and want to share it with your father. Then read this article “Informal Letter Writing to father describing the exhibition held in the city”. In this letter, Son is writing a letter to his father explaining the exhibition held in the city.

Informal Letter Writing to father describing exhibition held in city

Informal Letter Writing to father describing the exhibition held in the city

13, Dabbar Park,



15th January, 201…..


My dear Father,

I could not reply to you because of my examination. I have fared well in my papers and hope to get the first class. You wrote to me to describe an interesting thing that I saw during my last visit to Srinagar. In compliance with your wishes, I am describing the Exhibition that I saw at Srinagar.

An Art and Industrial Exhibition was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister. A visit to the Exhibition was a source of much knowledge and pleasure. A number of curious and artistic articles were displayed there. It was held in the Exhibition grounds. The gate was decorated with floodlights-rows of colored electric bulbs, circular lights, etc.

The entry to the Exhibition ground was by tickets. Outside the gate there was booking-office. Thousands of people paid a visit to the exhibition daily. There was a great rush of people, particularly in the evenings. Men and women, the old and the young, the town people and the villagers all of them jostled together. There was really a great hustle and bustle.

The Exhibition was divided into various sections. One section displayed the silk and woolen goods, manufactured in Kashmir. There were a number of stalls which dealt in sarees, gobbles, gown, bed sheets, etc. Another section exhibited toys, paper machine, good fancy articles and rare specimens of art. A third section displayed wooden and stone goods in this section. A Kashmiri artisan is noted for his deftness, skill, and hard work.

The design and set-up of some of the articles were very fine. Kashmir is very famous for its arts and crafts which appear so natural and life-like. There you find beautiful silk sarees of wonderful designs and colored woolen shawls with delicate embroidery and carpets of attractive but rare look. A large number of rich and fashionable visitors flocked round this section. The stall holders palled brisk business.

The section displaying vegetables and fruits of Kashmir was also worth-seeing. One could see the variety of Kashmir fruits and flowers here.

A huge crowd loitered about the refreshment room, tea-stalls, and restaurants. For children that part of the Exhibition was a source of great attraction. How anxiously the children pulled their elders to this part!

The amusement park was another attractive sight. There were merry-go-rounds, magic shows, electric trains, traveling circus, the diving well, etc. The circus clown made people roar with laughter, while the magician made them dumb-founded with his wonderful tricks.

I, along with my friend, paid a visit to the Exhibition twice. It was, indeed, an interesting and instructive sight.

I wish you to go to Srinagar for a few days to enjoy a visit to the exhibition. I hope you will find it a rare treat.

With love to Nini and Munna and respects to dear mother.


Your affectionate son,



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