Informal Letter Writing to father explaining your neglect of studies

Study plays an important role in getting success in life. Students nowadays are neglecting studies and start taking part in other fields. But sometimes there are many other genuine reasons behind neglecting of studies.

In the below post a son is describing the reason behind his neglect of studies to his father. It is a Letter to a father explaining the neglect of studies.

How to do Letter Writing to father telling neglect of studies

Informal Letter Writing to father

14, Trikuta Nagar,


July 20, 201…

My dear Father,

I got your letter. I am sorry to learn that you are very much worried about my neglect of studies during the past two months. Mummy knows that I suffered from fever for seven days.  The doctor told me to have complete bed rest and eat only khichdi or boiled vegetables. As a result, I became physically weak. My physical condition was not good. So I was not able to devote time to my studies.

I am gradually improving my health now. My examination is also drawing close. My neglect of studies because of my bad health must be rightly causing you a lot of anxiety. But I like to assure you that I shall try my level best to maintain my position in my class. I have decided, to take exercise regularly which will help to improve my health more rapidly and also help to keep my mind fresh and active. So, that I am in a position to study very seriously and for long hours for the examination.

I promise to you that I will try to do my best to maintain my position back in the class and also to score more marks in the examination.

With regards,

Yours affectionately,

Surjit Singh

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So, Learners, this is all about Letter to father explaining your studies neglection.

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