Informal Letter Writing To Father For Permission To Go On Educational Tour

We all love to go on tours. But the purpose behind the tours is many. Sometimes we go to tours for enjoying with our family. Sometimes we go to tours for some educational purpose. These tours are known as an educational tour.

These tours are generally organized by the college. But before going to any tour we should take the permission of our parents.

Informal Letter Writing To Father For Permission To Go On Educational Tour

In the below post a student is seeking the permission of his father to go on an educational tour that was organized by his school. It is an “Informal Letter Writing to father for permission to go on tour”.


Informal Letter Writing to father for permission to go on tour


24, Patel Hostel,

Government School,



November 16, 20…


My dear Father,


You will be glad to know that our school ”Historical Society” has organized a tour of some historical places in the first week of December. Dear father, it is a rare opportunity. I have a great desire to go on the tour.

The party will consist of 25 students. It will be led by our teacher of History. Our first halt will be at Agra. There we shall see the Taj and the Fort. I am very eager to see the Taj. It is said that it is a ”Dream in Marble”. From there we shall go to Gwalior. There we shall visit the famous fort and the tomb of Tansen. Next, we will stop at Indore and see famous places.

Then we shall go to Udaipur and see its wonderful lakes. Then we shall visit Jaipur, the Pink City of India. On our way back, we shall stay in Delhi for a couple of days. There we shall see the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, the Qutab Minar, the Raj Chat and Shanti Vana. We shall also go to the residence of our Prime Minister.

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The tour, I am sure, will add to my knowledge. Tours, travels and picnics are an essential part of education. The proposed tour will widen my outlook on life. The expenses per head will not exceed Rs. 1000/-. Our railway fare will be paid by the school.

Dear father, I know you are hard up these days. But such changes do not come daily. I hope you will consider the benefits of the tour and permit me to go on this tour. Kindly inform me at an early date. I have to give my name within a week. Please send me a money’ order of Rs. 1200/ for my expenses on the tour.


With love to dear mother,

Yours affectionately,



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This is all about Informal Letter Writing to father for permission to go on tour.

“Thank you”



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