Informal Letter Writing to father explaining you don’t want to accept dowry

Dowry system is running from the past many years. This system ruins the life of many peoples and even of the complete family.

In this below article a son is explaining to his father that why he doesn’t want to accept the dowry. It is the Letter to father telling you don’t want to accept dowry”.

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Informal Letter Writing to father for not accepting dowry

Informal Letter Writing to father (1)

Examination Hall,

X, Y, Z.

30th April, 201…

My dear Father,

It has pained me to learn that while negotiating about my proposed marriage you have told my would-be-in-laws in clear terms regarding the kind and quantity of dowry to be given by them. In this connection, I have to submit that I am dead against the giving or receiving of dowry in any form at the time of marriage. Dear papa, it appears that you are still thinking in the old orthodox way and have not changed your attitude towards the dowry system. I wish you had changed your ideas and marched with the times.

It is needless to point out that the dowry system has commercialized the sacred institution of marriage and spoiled the prospects of a happy domestic life. To treat marriages as a monetary transaction is morally degrading and socially unsound. Many married girls have committed suicide and many promising girls have remained without a life partner because of the curse of dowry.

That the dowry system is the worst social evil is evident from the fact that many cases of bride burning incidents are occurring daily in our country. No doubt, old customs die hard. But why would we not get rid of them at some time? The custom of giving and receiving dowry has done great harm to our society. It is high time that we uprooted it once for all.

The dowry system has proved ruinous for the poor and middle-class people. The rich can easily make arrangements for a handsome dowry with their black money for their daughters. The poor while imitating the rich are put to great hardships and often go bankrupt. So it is my firm belief that the dowry system is a great curse and its abolition is the crying need of the hour.

Marriage is a union of two souls. As such no abiding and deeply emotional relationship can be built between man and woman if it is raised on the shifting sandy foundations of the dowry system, It is we, the young boys and girls, who have to give the lead in eradicating the social evil. We should propagate against the custom of giving and taking dowry.

As you know, the well-known proverb; charity begins at home, so I have solemnly decided not to accept a dowry in whatever form it is given by my would-be father-in-law. I hope you would agree with me in my resolve to have the simplest marriage without any show.

Is it too much to expect from you, dear papa, to encourage me in cherishing high, noble ideals in life calculated to benefit society as a whole?

Kindly inform the concerned party that we will have the marriage without any dowry. Whereas this would relieve the other party of all worries, it will give me great moral satisfaction.

Yours affectionate son.


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