Informal letter writing to Friend Asking for a Loan of Money

Sometimes, if we don’t have money and we need it urgently. We take it from our close friends. If you also need money urgently, you can write a letter to your friend for some loan of money. Read this article “Informal letter writing to a friend asking for a loan”. I hope you will like this article.

Informal letter writing to Friend Asking for a Loan of Money

Letter to a friend Asking for a Loan of Money

28-C, Gandhi Road,
Lucknow, UP.

04 April 2021

My dear Shashi,

I have to approach you on a matter which is rather delicate. You know that I have no secrets from you. As such I feel no hesitation to mention a matter which I admit is embarrassing to me and which I am afraid, is likely to be embarrassing to you too. Our family has never been well off, as you well know. But by exercising great caution and maintaining the greatest economy, my father somehow managed his affairs without running into debt. With the idea of increasing the family income, he undertook a new business venture recently. The business failed. Besides, the expenditure on account of my mother’s illness has placed us in very difficult circumstances.

I have to pay my examination and other fees in a lump sum at the school but my father’s hands are quite tied up. I have no alternative but to raise a loan myself. As I see no one else whom I can approach for this without loss of prestige, I am obliged to ask you to help me in my difficulty. A sum of Rs. 1000 would be sufficient for my purpose and I would thank you to lend me the sum. I hope to clear off your debt, God willing, in the course of a few months by taking up tuition.

Hoping that you will not be inconvenienced in any way by this request.

I remain Most sincerely yours,

A Reply to the above.

B-50, Bhim Chownk, U.P.
7th April 2021

My dear Surinder,

I am sorry to learn of your difficulties. From what I know of you I fully understand .that you have approached me when you are in great difficulty. It is luck that has gone against your family for the time being. You have done well in writing to me without any delicacy or hesitation in this matter. Luckily I am in a position to spare the small amount of money asked for by you. About repayment, you need not worry yourself on the matter. Take your own time and pay me back when you conveniently can do so.

Hope your mother is now perfectly all right. Do not give way to despair and neglect your studies at all costs. Bear in mind that every cloud has a silver lining. You will be in a position to help your family after passing out and joining some suitable service.

Yours affectionately,

Reply to the letter expressing inability to give loan.

B-SO, Bhim Chownk,

7th April 2021

My dear Surinder,

I was very sorry to learn from your letter about the financial trouble you have been placed in. It is certainly the duty of a friend to help one another in distress. But unfortunately, your request has come in at a very inopportune moment. I am very hard up just now. I don’t know how deeply I feel to have to disappoint you. But there is no help. I hope you will not take amiss. Hoping to hear from you off and on.

I am
Yours affectionately

This is all about How to writer a letter to a friend asking for a Money. Hope you liked it.

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