Informal Letter Writing to friend condoling on father’s death


In this letter, a person is writing a letter to his friend for condoling him on his father’s death.

Informal Letter Writing to friend condoling on father's death

Informal Letter Writing to friend condoling on father’s death

Ram Nivas,



December 16, 20…


My dear Gian,

I am really shocked to learn about the sad and untimely death of your father. When I met him last, he was quite hale and hearty. Nobody could guess that his end was so near. For a few minutes, I could not believe that he had actually left us for good. It is indeed a heavy blow, much heavier than one can imagine. It is a tragedy too deep for tears. To me it is a personal loss; your dear father looked upon me as his own son. To be deprived of such a noble, kind-heart and God-fearing soul is an irreparable loss, indeed. Tears cannot bring back the dead. So it is useless to shed tears and take the loss to heart. We have to bow before the will of God. His ways are mysterious.

I know that words are poor comforters. But time is a great healer. You have my deepest sympathy in this heavy loss. Try to console yourself and other members of the family. What cannot be cured must be endured with a brave heart. May his soul rest in peace and may God grant strength to the members of the bereaved family to bear this terrible loss!

Remember me to your mother and convey to her my heartfelt sympathy.

As I am not feeling well, I cannot come to sympathize with you personally.


Yours sincerely,



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This is all aboutĀ Informal Letter Writing to friend condoling on father’s death. By writing this letter to your friend you can show your sympathy to your friend.

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