Informal Letter Writing to friend For Sympathy who failed in B.A. exam

Exams are not the true test of one’s ability to do something. It is only a test of one’s knowledge about some related topics. If someone gets failed in the examination that doesn’t mean it is the end of his or her life. In the below post a friend is sympathizing and motivating his friend who was failed in the exams. It is an Informal Letter to a friend For Sympathy who failed in B.A. examination.

Informal Letter Writing to friend For Sympathy who failed in B.A. exam

Informal Letter Writing to a friend for sympathy who failed in B.A. examination

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July 3, 20 …..


Dear Ajit,


I am extremely sorry to learn from your letter that you have failed in the BA. Examination for the second time. You failed last year because you could not devote proper attention to your studies owing to your pre-occupation with University and Inter-varsity hockey matches played at Calcutta and Mysore respectively.

This time you could not do full justice to your studies because you were down with influenza just a fortnight before the Examination. Do not take this failure to heart. I can well understand your pathetic plight and my heart goes out in sympathy for you.

Dear Ajit, don’t feel disheartened at all. Examinations are in no way the true test of one’s ability. You are an intelligent and hard-working young man with a lot of life and should not feel depressed at all. You must bear in mind that failures are the pillars of success.

According to R.L.Stevenson and Robert Browning, failures are blessings in disguise. Many great men rose to greatness only by meeting failure. Robert Bruce met with many failures before he became the King of Scotland again. Einstein was an utter failure in his early life. But he became the greatest scientist in the world.

Edmund Bruke, the greatest orator, that England has ever produced, cut a sorry figure in his maiden speech. Even Lord Clive, the founder of the British Empire in India, achieved real success in life only after going through the hard mill of failure.

So, be of good cheer and don’t lose heart. Hard work can do wonders. Start working right from now. Let no thoughts of your unfortunate past chill your spirits. Ply your books day and night.

If you need any help, write to me forthwith without any hesitation. I am confident that if you work earnestly and systematically, you are sure to come out with flying colors in the next University Examination.


With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,


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This is all about “Informal Letter Writing to a friend for sympathy who failed in B.A. examination”.

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