Informal Letter Writing to friend giving views on inter-caste marriage

Inter-caste marriage is that in which two people of different religion do marriage with each other. Some people think inter-caste marriage is right but some people oppose it. If you want to give your views on inter-caste marriage to your friend. Then read this article “Letter to a friend giving views on inter-caste marriage” carefully.

Informal Letter Writing to friend giving views on inter-caste marriage

Informal Letter Writing to a friend giving views on inter-caste marriage


Examination Hall,



21st October, 201…


My dear Roshan,

From your letter I learn that you have refused to marry Sabita, a Harijan girl simply because you are a Brahmin and you do not like inter-caste marriage. This is very inadvisable on your part. Sabita was your class-fellow and you loved her. She, too, responded to your love and Both of you were devoted to each other. But now it appears somebody has put doubts in your mind that inter-caste marriage is not desirable and you have begun to harp on this point.

My dear friend, if you reflect on the origin of the caste system you yourself shall admit that all human-beings are born equal and the division into castes of the Hindu society has weakened it.

Manu, the first law giver, divided the Hindu into four castes; the Brahmins, the Kashtriyas, the Vaishyas and the Shudras. The duty of the Brahmins was to study and teach the community; that of the Vaishyas to the trade and commerce and that of the Shudras to do menial work. Inter-caste marriages and inter-caste contacts and meetings were disallowed.

No Shudra was allowed to read the holy books; nor was he permitted to listen to their being read out. You can imagine what hardships it must have caused to the low castes.

As a result of the caste system the Hindu society naturally grew weak and demoralized. Hence the futility of the caste system. We young men should rise equal to the occasion and do away with it.

Again, India today needs national integration. Inter-caste marriages must be encouraged so that Indian society may be cemented. It is a folly to differentiate between man and man, between caste and caste.

All creatures are created equal by God. A Harijan is a good creation of God as a Brahmin. Moreover, if Sabita is charming and beautiful as you have informed me, you should go ahead with the inter-caste marriage. Your fears that a low-caste girl will not form a suitable life-partner for you are baseless.

Many a young man has married in low caste families, but his conjugal bliss has not been marred. Again where is the guarantee that if you marry a Brahmin girl she will become a suitable life-partner? She may be faithless and wicked and destroy your domestic happiness. A woman’s nature does not depend on her caste.

There is yet another consideration which should weigh with you while choosing a life partner. India favors socialism which aims at a classless society. Nobody should be very low and very high. This is possible only when caste restrictions are abolished.

In fact, most of the caste restrictions are already gone. The Brahmins, no longer, confine themselves to reading, writing and teaching only. They are following the professions of other castes.

Similarly, the Harijans are no longer doing menial work. Some of them have taken up the job of a teacher or a trader. So when the caste system itself is breaking, your refusal to marry a good-looking Harijan girl is out of tune.

So far your own good is concerned as also in the larger interests of the country you should revise your opinion and agree to the inter caste marriage. Such marriage has no stigma or blot on it. Thousands of young men and women have broken through the caste-restrictions, why not you?


Yours Sincerely,



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