Informal Letter Writing to Friend in England Describing Indian Marriage

In the below post a friend is describing how an Indian marriage is celebrated to his friend in England. It is an Informal letter Writing to a friend in England describing Indian marriage.

Informal Letter Writing to Friend in England Describing Indian Marriage

Informal letter Writing to a friend in England describing Indian marriage

51, Dal View,



15th January, 20…


Dear George,


I am giving, you an account of the marriage of my cousin Roshan because in which I participated last month and it will give you an idea, how an Indian marriage is celebrated.

Tenth December was fixed as the wedding day of Roshan after consulting a Pandit and the horoscopes of the bride and the bridegroom. On the appointed day a marriage party comprising gents and ladies started from the bridegroom’s house at 6 P.M. All of them were dressed in their best clothes and, of course, were in a holiday mood.

The marriage party went in buses to Akhnoor at a distance of about thirty kilometers. We reached there at about 8 P.M. From the bus-stand to the bride’s house, we went in a procession. Dear Roshan rode on a decorated horse and at the head of the procession were the musicians and the band along with the gas lamps.

We were hospitably received and garlanded by the bride’s people. An address was read out praising the two families of the bride and the bridegroom. After that, as directed by a priest, a piece of red cloth was spread on the ground. The father of the bride and that of the bridegroom embraced each other putting their feet on the cloth and After that, the brothers and uncles of the bride and bridegroom met each other. Photographs were taken.

Next, the party was served with cold drinks along with sweets and at 9 P.M. a grand dinner was given. As we were hungry, we did full justice to the nice preparation of dishes served to us.

When the dinner was finished in a nicely decorated pandal, fireworks were let off and the children particularly enjoyed the show. They loudly cheered when the tire-works shot in the sky.

The actual marriage took place at about 12.30 P.M. under a canopy or Vedi which was tastefully decorated with lights, balloons, and hunting. Fragrant things were burnt in the center and Vedic hymns were recited by the two Pandits, one of each side. Some promises were also made between the bride and the bridegroom who, one behind the other, went round the bridal tire seven times.

Next day early in the morning the bride was dressed in the best clothes and decorated with shining jewelry that the bridegroom’s father had offered. She was taken to the bus-stand in a palanquin. There the bridegroom and the bride were seated in a decorated car and driven back to the city from where the marriage party had started.

Will you next time describe to me how the Christian celebrate their marriage in a church?


Yours sincerely,

Kamal Singh

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