Informal Letter Writing To Friend Who Met With Serious Accident

Accidents sometimes become very dangerous and horrible. Serious accidents even take the life of a person. There is hardly a day comes when accidents don’t occur. An everyday accident occurs in some place. Many persons lost their lives in the accident.

Informal Letter Writing To Friend Who Met With Serious Accident

In the below article a person is writing a letter to his friend who met with a serious accident and also inviting him to spend a few days with you as soon as he is fit enough to undertake a journey. It is an Informal Letter to a friend who met with a serious accident.

Informal Letter Writing to a friend who met with a serious accident


14, Summer Hills,



April 15, 20…


My dear Madhu,


How sad that you are lying in the hospital and I am tied down here to the examination hall! O, that I was by your side! I hear you were given up for lost. How serious the accident was! I felt I would meet you only perhaps in heaven. For, you lay between life and death for a week. I shed tears in silence and prayed for your life.

Thank God, you are out of danger now. How grateful we all are to God for giving you a new life! You live to be with us once more! And on this very earth, too! May heavens give you strength soon I Cheer up, my chum. Take it easy. An accident is just an accident. No one can help it.

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I hope you will be able to leave the hospital within a week. What is your program? Why should you stay at home? You cannot get any medical aid in your village. So, why not spend a few days with me?

How happy we all will feel in your sweet company once more! This place will give you a wonderful change. Srinagar is a very lovely place. Nature is at her very best here. The beauty of nature will give you the best of tonics. And, on top of all this, you will have all the love of your friend and his parents. How eagerly my humble home waits for you!

So, when should we expect you here?


Yours sincerely,


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So, learners, this is all about “Informal Letter Writing to a friend who met with a serious accident”.

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