Informal Letter Writing to friend discussing about improved Women status

Below article is an Informal Letter Writing discussing about improved Women status. In this letter a friend is describing to his friend about the improvement of women status nowadays in India.

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Letter to friend discussing improved Women status

Letter to friend discussing Women status

21, Dal View,


15th Oct,20…

Dear Sonia,

l have received your letter and have come to know of its contents. You are right in telling me that the English women have made great progress in every sphere of life and their social and political status is high. But, for your information, I may inform you that the wind of change has also blown in India and the social, political and cultural status of women in India has risen very high.

The Indian constitution guarantees women status equal to that of men in all walks of life. All the offices, including the highest one, are open to her. As a result, women have distinguished themselves in the various spheres of national life as poets, scholars, politicians, administrators, social workers, etc.

Gone are the days when the woman was considered to be a mere kitchen servant or childbearing machine subject to man’s domination, cruelty, and social injustice. Today she is free from the curse of ignorance, superstition, and illiteracy. Women have made their mark in science and technology, business and trade, politics and administration which were once regarded as the monopoly of men.

Women have started claiming their rights and privileges. They have proved beyond any doubt that they are in no way inferior to men in any field of activity. Women have shown their worth as ministers, even as Prime Ministers, ambassadors, governors, industrialists, technicians, etc. They have done a commendable Job in all walks of life.

Even the village women have started marching forward. They are receiving education and are becoming aware of their social, economic and political rights. The various Acts passed by Parliament have gone a long way in emancipating or liberating women.

We always hear in mind that mothers have produced great children. I may also sound here a note of warning. Most of the Indian women are being westernized and imitate blindly the west. We would like them not to forget the ancient ideals of womanhood: loyalty, simplicity, and nobility as great mothers.

Yours sincerely,


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