Informal Letter Writing to sister describing life in College boarding house

Below article is the Letter to a sister describing life in College boarding house”. In this letter, a boy is explaining about life in his hostel or boarding house of a college to sister.

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Letter to sister telling life in College boarding house

Letter to sister College boarding house

51, New Hostel,


5th August, 201…

Dear Nisha,

You will be glad to know that I have joined the Government college Poonch. I have also been fortunate enough to get a cubicle in New Hostel. I have liked this hostel immensely and I give below my impression about life in this hostel.

The hostel is perhaps the most beautiful hostel in the State. It is quadrangular in shape. It is a double-storeyed building of 50 rooms. One hundred students are accommodated in this hostel. It has a beautifully decorated common-room, radio room, and reading room.

It has four well laid-out grassy lawns with beautiful flower beds on the four corners of each lawn. There are two neat and clean kitchens equipped with one comfortable dining hall each. Fifty to sixty students take their meals in each kitchen. There is one grand tuck-shop attached to this hostel.

The hall of the tuck shop is furnished with nice mattings, costly furniture, two wash-basins, and half a dozen electric ceiling fans. This is perhaps the best tuck shop in the entire state. The diet in the kitchens is quite rich and cheap.

The dishes are of excellent quality. The service is prompt and we are served with sweet dishes twice a week. Non-vegetarian food is not served here. The preparations of the tuck shop like sweets, cold drinks, tea, and curd are simply relishing.

During the first week of my stay in the hostel. I felt homesick but there are so many facilities and comforts in the hostel so that I soon got myself comfortable in this new place. Our hostel Warden is an excellent gentleman.

He takes a personal interest in the welfare of the resident students. He is our guardian and guiding angel and keeps a close watch over our movements. We live just like a family in the hostel. Thefts are very rare in this hostel.

Our common room is perhaps the best common room in the entire state. It is the centre of attraction for the students in the evening. It is provided with almost all the modern indoor games like Carrom Board, Table-Tennis, Chess, Ludo, Draughts, Table, Cricket, Snakes and Ladders and Playing Cards.

I have become a fairly good player of Ping Pong and Carrom Board. Our hostel is far from the city area that is why the atmosphere of the hostel is good for studies. Our college is at a stone’s throw from our hostel.

With kind regards,

Your affectionate brother,


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