Informal letter Writing to Uncle thanking him for the gift

Birthday is the special day of every person’s life. At that day we get many gifts from our friends, relatives and family members. We also say thanks to them. At that day we also get many blessings from our elders. It is the day which we celebrate with our friends, family members or with relatives.

Informal letter Writing to Uncle thanking him for the gift

Below article is the letter to Uncle thanking him for the gift. In this letter, a birthday boy’s uncle sent him a birthday gift in the form of a demand draft for Rs. 10000/- and he is now writing a letter for thanking him for the unique gift that he gets from him. And also telling him what he proposes to do with the gift.

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Informal letter Writing to Uncle thanking him for the gift


75, UNO Road,



December 14, 20…


My dear Uncle,


I have received your birthday gift. I went into raptures on seeing that it was a demand’ draft for rupees ten thousand.

It was indeed a big amount. For some time, I wondered what you wanted me to do with such a big amount. There was a short note which congratulated me on standing first in science subjects. You had also hinted that you would be very glad to give me all the help if I joined a college for my pre-medical. I showed the draft to my father and mother. They were all praise for you. They were really overwhelmed.

I feel encouraged to note that a good uncle of mine is willing to stand by me during the course of my education. Thank you again. I shall buy books with part of the money for my future needs. It was the best birthday gift that I ever received from my near and dear ones.


Yours very affectionately,


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