How to check IPO Allotment Status in KFintech IPO Application [2021]?

What is KFintech IPO application?

KFintech or Karishma Fintech is a web enabled application that facilitates India Inc. and the investors to access necessary information in a few simple clicks. It offers a single window solution to connect all stakeholders on a single platform, and thereby helping people to take quicker decisions. It also helps corporate to remain complaint with all regulatory requirements and provide services to their investors easily. Besides this, KFintech also significantly reduces the service response time.

KFintech Private Limited Registrar is also an independent financial institution registered with stock exchanges. It is appointed by companies going public for the purpose of record keeping of the IPO issue and to keep records of the ownership of company shares. Besides offering a single window view of company’s stakeholders in equities and bonds, KFintech also offers FinTracks which is an insider trading tracking tool.

On the website of KFintech, you can find the quick links to Buyback Tender Forms, Download links, Buyback Acceptance Query, and LOC cum Tender Form.

KFintech IPO application status?

What is KFintech IPO application

You can click on the Check IPO Status on the KFintech website under the Quick Links section. You will be redirected to the IPO Allotment Status page.

How to IPO allotment status check online by PAN number?

In the IPO Allotment Status page, you can look at the recent IPOs as per the below steps:

  • You can select the Recent IPOs option.
  • Then, from the dropdown menu, you can select one IPO.
  • Further, you can choose any one option under the Query By section. You choose the Query By PAN option.
  • Then, you can choose the Application Type.
  • Finally, you have to enter the Application Number and the Captcha, and then hit the Submit button.

How do I check my IPO allotment in KFintech?

You can check the IPO allotment in KFintech by going to the IPO Allotment Status page by Application No, DPID/Client ID, or PAN number.


How do I check if my IPO has been submitted?

You can check if the IPO has been submitted on the IPO Allotment Status page. You need to query by Application No to check this. 

What is the process of IPO allotment?

You have to open a demat account with a trading platform that is going to the list the IPO you want to purchase and then bid for the IPO. You can register online for participating in the bids for the shares of the company and if you have bid successfully, then you will receive the shares.

What happens if IPO is not allocated?

If the IPO allotment has not happened, then your money will be refunded.

Is GR Infra IPO allotted?

The GR Infra IPO was expected to finalise the share allotment on 14th July 2021.


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