[2021] Write a Leave application for office for Personal Reason?

Every time when a person is on leave from his/her office, he/she needs to write an application. But sometimes, it becomes difficult on how to write a leave application for office for personal reasons. Don’t worry because here I have shared an application on how to write an application for half-day, 1 day, week. You can rewrite this letter or can submit this application too with some little modifications. If you feel any difficulty in this application then feel free to comment below. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

leave application for office for personal reason

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Leave Application to office Manager for Personal Reason

The Manager,
Place the name of your organization,
Name of the place and PIN code (in case there are multiple offices of the same company in the same place).

Subject: Leave Application Request 

Dear Sir/Mam,

This is to inform you that there is some emergency that has suddenly come up for me.

Due to the constant lockdowns, there is a lot of difficulties my family is facing in my hometown (Name of the place and state).

I am trying to resolve their issues remotely with the help of a few friends but it is not seeming to yield a result.

In this situation, I am left with no choice but to go back to my hometown to ensure their safety and well-being.

During this period, I can try working from home, given there is a network. If there is no network, I might require to leave on those days.

This is an extraordinary situation for me, I never expected things would turn out this way. My friends are also leaving the land and they are moving to safer places. Life is really hard as there is no provision of food and proper water supply. Since the government declared lockdown, the water supply men are not turning up regularly. They too are scared of the pandemic. Most of them are worried about their health and well-being. Even water tankers are not willing to come down regularly.

I would thus entreat you to sanction a month’s leave since my home is quite away from the city and the towns close by. I have to halt on two nights before I can make it to my place.

As far as the work is concerned, I have cleared most of my backlogs. The rest I am planning to clear by this weekend. I would be taking leaves from 26-07-2021 and would only be able to return by next month this time.

If you’re not willing to provide me a month’s leave I will request you to work from home. If that does not work you can put me on unpaid leaves.

Right now, all I am worried about is my family. 

This is for your kind perusal.

Thanking you
Sincerely yours,
Name of the applicant.


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