Business Letter to company that manufactures the pens

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Now, today I will teach you how to write business letter to company that manufactures the pens. In this letter, A person has come across an advertisement in the Daily Excelsior of 19th May, 2016 regarding the sale of Fountain Pens and he is writing a letter to the company that manufactures the Pens, seeking further details. I hope this letter will be useful for you.

You can use this letter in your daily life. Sometimes this type of letter is also asked in the exams. You can use this letter if you also want to order some pens from the manufacturer company of the pens. Don’t worry about the format of the letter. just do some changes and then your letter is ready to place order.

Lets start the letter.

Business letter to the company that manufactures the said Pens

Novelty Stores,

P.N. Dogra Market,



May 21,201…


Kapoor Pen Co.,

Pacca Danga,



Dear Sirs,


We are interested in the pens as advertised in the ‘Daily Excelsior’ of 19th. May and wish to place a trial order for a few dozen. The advertisement, however, does not give sufficient information about the different varieties of pens and their rates.

We shall appreciate if you furnish further details. As we have been  fortunate enough to obtain contracts for police and military supplies, our requirements throughout the year are bound to be uniformly heavy.

You are requested to quote your lowest prices and indicate the terms on which you will be prepared to execute our orders. Samples would be i particularly welcome.


Yours faithfully,

For Novelty Stores.


This is all about how to write a Business Letter to company that manufactures the pens. Hope you learned something.

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