Letter to friend acquainting him with prominent aspect of Indian culture

Every country has its own culture. Each country people follow their own culture. But it is also true that we like to know about the culture of other countries. Read this article “Letter to friend acquainting him with Indian culture”. This is a letter to a friend who lives in Japan, acquainting him with what you consider to be the prominent aspect of Indian culture.

Letter to friend acquainting him with prominent aspect of Indian culture

Letter to friend acquainting him with a prominent aspect of Indian culture

36, Shakti Nagar,



15th August, 201…


My dear Mikado,

Today is a red letter day in the history of India. It was on this day that she won her independence. No doubt, India is as yet backward economically and industrially, but she has a rich cultural heritage. Your last letter showed that you were anxious to learn something about the heritage of India.

Your country Japan is culturally rich but unfortunately, western materialism has colored it to a great extent. Indian culture is more spiritualistic than yours. Our ancient sages and seers have left behind a tradition of piety, penance, spiritualism, the conquest of self and passions, etc.

Our Vedas and Upanishads are the storehouses of spiritual wisdom and our Gurus realized the infinite in the finite. The treasures they acquired were not material but spiritual. They tried to explore and probe into the mysteries of life and of the universe.

Moreover, they found the great harmony existing between man’s soul and the spirit in the universe. This they named ‘cosmic harmony.’ The supreme importance or the spiritual values and the need to control human passions become their guiding principles

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The West and also your country have made wonderful progress in the economic and industrial i.e. the material fields. But they have to learn a lot of moral-spiritual values from India such as love, charity, fellow-feeling, self-sacrifice, universal brotherhood, peace of mind and, above all, tolerance.

For your information, there has been no religious warfare which has not disfigured the history of Europe. Religious persecution forced the Parsis to quit their country Iran.

But they were received in India with open arms. So many religious sects came to India and settled here in peace. They became a part and parcel of the Indian culture. Again, it is the spirit of tolerance that has made about 8 crores of Muslims live peacefully in India.

The Indians believe in God and, therefore, are ever conscious of their duty to His creatures-men, animals, birds, etc. They have faith in a future life and are, therefore, afraid of committing evils.

Another aspect of Indian culture is unity in diversity. India is a land of various religions, languages, food habits, manners, dresses, etc. But there is unity in diversity which is an indisputable fact. Many impartial observers from abroad, from China as well as your country and modern scholars of the West like Levy and Max Muller, have all testified to this fact. There is cultural unity.

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If the Indian or the Hindu culture has survived in spite of so many attacks on it, it shows its inherent vitality. There is also the artistic aspect of our cultural heritage. We have a rich tradition of arts, of music, dancing architecture and sculpture.

Ajanta and Mohenjodaro, the temple of Shri Jagananathji at Puri, the temples of South India and of Khajuraho are examples of the Indian love of sculpture and architecture. Our classical music and dancing are admired all over the world. Along with our spiritual treasures are our artistic treasures which add to our unity.

I am sending you, under a separate cover a book, “Our Heritage” by Prof. Humayun Kabir. It is a brilliant exposition of the cultural heritage of the Hindus, and the fact that it is written by a Muslim makes it all the more attractive for your study.

Do let me know your reactions after studying the book.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,



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This is all about Letter to friend acquainting him with a prominent aspect of Indian culture.

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