How to Write Letter to Landlord for Rent Reduction | Late rent

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Letter to Landlord for Rent

So, lets Start…!!

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Alexi Martini,

1678 Hudson Street

Denver, CO 80220


Stuart Alan,

1675 Hudson Street

Denver, CO 80220.

With this letter, I hope to find you both in good health.

How is Ana doing now? I can understand it might have been tough for Ana to go through what she had to go through.

There is something that I hope to tell you and that is why I am mailing you all of a sudden. Besides, I am putting in some extra hours for some extra money and thus could not come down personally.

Additionally, I would like to apologise for the delay in this month’s payment. I did not have enough money in the bank account I use for rent and hence needed refilling which took some time.

As you know, this is the month, when every year I am supposed to increase my pay. I have done so regularly for the past 9 years. I am afraid, I may not be able to increase my pay this year. As I am facing some hurdles this year which I need to share with you. I am truly hoping, after hearing me out, you might be able to understand why I might not be able to increase the pay this year.

My husband lost his job with the agency for the last six months. He was into productions for a major fashion house and due to lockdown, the company decided to lay off those employees. 

For the first two months, he did not get any job but then for the past three months he has taken up a home job which is just enough to pay our regular bills.

I did not want to burden you with my problems hence did not share previously. 

Secondly, I have also started working from home and my pay is reduced since the lockdown ensued.

My elder daughter is wishing to participate in her annual basketball tournament and I need some amount of the stock money for it.

We might also have to visit our husband’s family for a month or two and that requires some money too. His family is also coping with the immense impact of COVID-19. 

I am not asking you to lower the rent since I am aware of your condition too, but if you could defer the rise for this year, it would be very helpful indeed.

So, here is what I propose. Given your home is quite old and requires frequent renovations I would rather help you with that. The sitting room and the bedroom would be taken up first, followed by the lawn and the bathroom. Further, we are planning to redo the kitchen and it will take us almost two years to complete.

We would do it ourselves and manage the whole cost on our own. However, there is just one request from our end. If you could just help us find a reliable person it would be great. I am trying my best from my end and so is my husband to find someone good and trustworthy. But we are yet to find one.

If you get someone, just call us on our number or text us, whichever is possible for you.

Additionally, I want to meet Ana and would also like to invite you and Ana to my daughter’s basketball tournament. I would send another email specifying the time and date of her tournament soon. If you’re interested please join us.

So, what do you think? Are you fine with the arrangement and my proposal? If so, do let me know. You can also call us or visit us; we are fine with everything.

Hoping to meet you soon sometime.

 To Ana,

I wish to see you soon and I want the same smile on your face.

If you ever need someone, I can always come down.

Just wanted to let you know, am just a call away.

Thank you



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