Letter to Manager of Mill for Permission to Visit the Mill

The study is most important for every student but it is also necessary for the students to take part in games and also wander to different places to increase their knowledge and to reduce their mental stress. Yes, it is true that when we wonder about different places it helps us to increase our general knowledge.

You can visit different places like museums, historical places, etc. You can also visit the mill by taking the permission of the manager of the mill. Read “Informal letter to Manager of mill for permission to visit the mill”. This is a letter to the Mill Manager, who is an old student of your college. I hope you will like it.

Letter to Manager of Mill for Permission to Visit the Mill

Informal letter to Manager of mill for Permission

Ambedkar College, Juhu,

30th July 2021

The Manger,
Textiles Ltd,

Dear Sir,

The students of science faculty of our college wish to see your mill on a day during this month. On behalf of the students, therefore, I request you to allow us to see the mill on some date at a time convenient to you. We shall be grateful if the time is after 1 P.M.

In fact, we have the privilege to feel that we students are writing to an elder brother, an old student of this college. we, therefore, not only feel affection and regard for you but are also proud of having a younger brother’s right on an elder member of the same family. We hope that you will give us permission to visit the mill and an opportunity for a reunion.

With best regards.

l am
Yours sincerely,
B.N. Sachdeva.
Ambedkar Collge Students Union.

This is all about how to write an Informal letter to Manager of mill.

Thank You


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