Loan board Application 2022-23 Eligibility, Requirements Details

Loans and grants have supported students’ education in almost all different countries. Most often, several boards provide grants and loans to students who need them the most in the country. Find out more about the grants available in different nations by visiting the respective websites.

In Tanzania too, grants are available to individuals and students alike who attend different universities and educational institutions. Find out more about it from the article provided below.

What is HESLB?

Needy students suffer the most due to a lack of appropriate monetary aid. In countries like Tanzania, low-income students cannot often pursue education due to a lack of appropriate monetary funds.The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) was established in 2004 and assists needy Tanzanian students to pursue their educational goals.

Assistance on a loan basis is provisioned and collecting due loans from the beneficiaries is another job. They also strategically establish partnerships for the financing ecosystem available for students.

Who is Eligible for Loan Board Application?

The first criteria that you need to fulfill for the HESLB loan board application will include;

  • Belonging to a poor family, low-income group, disabled student or disabled mother and father (either or both).
  • Each individual applying for the HESLB loan application must be a Tanzanian citizen.
  • They must remember if they take money from here they won’t take money from anywhere else.
  • Those who apply must be continuing students and should not have completed the degree against which they are applying for the loan.
  • The loans will be need-based and thus, individuals will need to understand what they can or can’t do.

What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the HESLB application form will include fulfilling the following terms.

1. Applicants will require a guarantor who can be a parent and they need to submit their national identification card/ voter card/ driving license/Tanzanian passport/Zanzibar Resident ID. Applicants must also provide their own identity cards alongwith them.

2. The basic education level degree must also accompany the application indicating the marks obtained in that particular education level.

3. Those who are accepting loans for a Master’s degree must have worked for an organization for two years.

4. Students must agree to start paying back their loans soon after they complete their education.

How to Apply for loan board application 2022 23?

To apply, begin by visiting the available site.

  • From the home page, click on the Apply for Loan segment.
  • Once you locate the registration page, add all the essential information and then complete the registration process.
  • Submit all necessary documents and read all entry rules carefully.
  • Make the application fee payment of TZS 30, 000 either through GePG vide NMB, CRDB, TPB, PESA, TIGO, Airtel Money, Vodacom, or M-PESA.


The entire cost of education will be met by the board and it would include everything. The benefit of being covered on all parts is what is essential for people who apply for the loan and when met can lead to more students completing their studies.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to check Loan Board Application Status?

Once you register, you can check the application status from your online portal for HESLB.

After logging in, move to the student tab and then from there choose the application status.

How long does HESLB Application Process Takes?

The entire process can take somewhere between 14 days to a month to complete. If you want to complete the application, read carefully and complete all sections so that there is no further delay in the HESLB application process due to to-and-fro communication.


The HESLB is providing loans to benefit students in different grades and standards. If you wish to complete the HESLB application, find the best way you can do it. The most effective way to consider applying is to check if you fulfill all the eligibility parameters.


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