Apply for Mattress Firm Credit Card Application Online

Mattress firm offers a credit card with which you can repay your mattress amount for five years. The card has a 0% APR for the first 5 years of mattress purchase which is good news for many mattress buyers.

What is Mattress Firm credit card?

To get this credit card from Mattress Firm, you must apply for it first. The Mattress Firm has no proper associated fees to pay when opening an account or for keeping an open account. The best part of the credit card is that you will not require to pay any interest if you pay back the full amount within six or twelve months. But you must apply for the credit card and to do so, you must read the below instructions.

How to Apply for Mattress Firm Credit Card?

Applying for a Mattress Firm credit card is done by following the below steps.

STEP 1- The Mattress Firm credit card is obtained by applying for it in the given link.

Mattress Firm credit card

STEP 2- Once you fill in the last four digits of the SSN and your mobile number, you can click on the Continue tab to move to the next part of the application. Incorporate all the details required in the form like initial shopping amount, full name, address, driver’s license, SSN, birth date, and monthly net income.

Application for credit card

STEP 3- You must accept the terms and conditions that appear in the next section.

Apply for Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm application

STEP 4- Once you review the terms and conditions, it’s time to submit the application.

Credit Card Application Online
Credit Card Online Application


Several requirements for the Mattress card includes the following;

  1. You must have a credit score that is fair enough. Almost 400+ credit score is required for likely approval of the credit card.
  2. Your social security number is a requirement for filling up the credit card form.
  3. A valid email address and telephone number are very essential.
  4. You must fill in your net annual income while filling the application form.

Annual Fees

The Mattress credit card comes with a zero annual fee structure.

Mattress Firm Credit Card Benefits

Several benefits of the credit card include the following points.

  1. The card offers 60 months (12 x 5= 60) of free financial support.
  2. There is no annual fee.
  3. The card is designated to report to all credit bureaus.

Contact details

By phone, you can call up 1-866-396-8254, and via mail, you can contact [email protected].


If you want a mattress from Mattress Firm, you can also try their credit card that helps you repay your dues buying you a lot of in-between time. Read more about the credit card from here.


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