Apply for Maurices credit card – Requirements and Fees details

Maurices is a women’s clothing collection that caters to women in the size range of 0-24. Maurices offers a credit card to their regular customers. The card provides good benefits to its users and makes every purchase worthy.

If you are an avid shopper from Maurices, you must have this They have no annual fee on the Maurices credit card Capital One for yourself and to have pleasurable shopping experiences.

How to apply for Maurices Credit Card?

To apply for the Maurices credit card Capital One, you must follow the below application procedure.

Step 1- Either register yourself in or sign in if already registered if you plan to apply for the Maurices card.

Step 2- The registration form needs to be filled and would require this information.

Maurices credit card

Step 3- Once you fill it up, you can sign in to your credit card application page.

Step 4- On this page, enter all the information and add up all the essential documents.

Step 5- Complete all the information and submit the form.


Requirements are just very basic and regular.

  1. An individual must be 18 years and above to fill up the application form for the Maurices credit card.
  2. A valid government ID card is required like the SSN or ITIN.
  3. You also need an FPO/APO mailing address and not a PO Box office address.
  4. A proper credit score is required and a score around 640 should do.

Annual fees

They have no annual fee on the Maurices card.

Credit Limit

If you have fair credit, you can be given a credit limit of $300. It takes six months to request a credit limit increase. Once you request, your credit scores and your debt repayments are checked along with your salary and payment. Based on all of this information, your credit limit might be eligible for a raise.

Maurices credit card Capital One Benefits

Several benefits of having the Maurices credit card Capital One includes the below-mentioned ones.

  1. Every time you use the card to shop, you get an extra $10 off.
  2. Free shipping across the US states is possible if you own this card.
  3. A $10 off offer for your birthday is possible with Maurices capital one card.
  4. The card unlocks the doors to innumerable sales and offers from Maurices.
  5. With the arrival of the card, you are promised a 15% discount on every purchase.

Contact Details

If you have questions or doubts, you can reach out to their customer care number at 1 (866) 977-1542.

What bank issues Maurices credit card?

The card is issued by Comenity Bank.

Can you use Maurices credit card at other places?

If the Maurices credit card Capital One has a Visa or Master Card logo, then you can use the card anywhere you want. Whichever stores are accepting the card will accept your Maurices card too.


Here’s a bit about the Maurices credit card and if you are thinking of applying refer to this piece of writing for more insight.


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