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With a Micro center credit card, your expenditures no longer need to weigh down your monthly budgets. With the credit card, your pockets can burn less even if you have an urgent need for a computer gadget in a month. The Micro center sells computers and its related products with 25 shopping outlets located in 16 states. Shopping from them means shopping for high-end products on some occasions and going for a credit card from them is an advantage you can avail of from them.

The credit card is issued by Wells Fargo bank and includes zero annual fees and also a 5% instant off on purchases. Since the credit card refers to multiple credit bureaus, you can always build your credit score with this credit card in your pocket.

However, use caution while repayments of your credit as they have a high APR of 28.99%, and one also needs a credit score of something above 650 for the same.

Annual FeesNil
Credit LimitDepending on your creditworthiness
Purchase APR28.99%
Balance Transfer APRNot applicable
Minimum required credit score650-850
Security DepositN/A
Average Regular APR15% of all credit card and 17% for those accounts with a balance

How to apply for Micro center credit card application?

To apply for the Micro center credit card, you need to go to the Wells Fargo site. From there, ensure, you click the Apply tab for the credit card of your choice. You might also have to sign in to continue the application process.

One will have to add information to different sections like the personal, professional, monetary, and other miscellaneous segments.

  1. In the personal section, add your name, SSN (social security number), complete address, age, birth date, and fill any other personal information column.
  2. In the professional and money-related segment, include your earnings- monthly as well as annual, also your job type, mortgage details, and also employment status.
  3. Once done, press the Submit tab to complete the application process.

What are the credit card requirements?

The credit card requirements include the following criteria.

  1. You must be a citizen of the United States
  2. As an applicant, you must be a declared major in your state.
  3. You must have a credit score of around 650-850.
  4. Your SSN has to go into the form
  5. You must have a complete address and not just a PO Box address.

How to Micro center credit card login?

Late Payment FeeGoes up to $40
Returned Payment FeeGoes up to $40
InterestFor 36 months it is 0. The maximum interest rate is $1.
Cardholder FeeNA
Interest Free Period23 days

To log in to the Microcenter credit card account, you must click on the mentioned link. Further, add your email address and password in the given segments and press the Sign in tab.

Micro center credit card

An account can solve a lot of your problems and if you already don’t have an account with them, you can make one with them by pressing the Create an Account tab below the Sign in tab.

Step 1: You can go for a Google or Facebook login or you can fill in their form.

credit card Bill payment

Add your first and last name, email address, mobile number, and password.

Once done, verify the account by clicking on the checkbox and then on the Create my Profile tab.

You will receive an activation link on your mail and by clicking it; you can activate your account.

How to pay Micro center credit card Bill payment?

Once you have an account, viewing your bill and even paying it becomes easier. Downloading account statements and viewing every minute notification becomes easier.

If you want to pay the Micro center credit card bill, you must follow the below process.

  • Go to the Payment segment and press on the Pay Bill option.
  • Add the bill amount and also the current account details. Include your credit card details if you do not have current account details.
  • Once done press the Pay Now button to ensure your payment crosses the payment gateway easily.

Payments can be made even by calling up their designated number or by mailing them the amount.

Payment mailing address & payment phone number?

Call 1-877-805-7744 to confirm the bill payment by phone. Reach out to the right extension and follow the prompts to pay your bill. Ensure you have the credit card details and your account information with you when you call.

To send them the payment via mail, the payment mailing address is Micro Center Credit Card, P.O Box 51193, Los Angeles, CA 90051-5493. Attach your bill details and also send them a check or a money order towards the payment instead of cash.



  • Varied financing options are available to credit cardholders.
  • The annual fee is nil so you don’t spend towards it.
  • Building a good credit score is easy with them as they report your credit score to all the credit bureaus.
  • Instant 5% discounts are given to credit card customers in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Payment processes are kept simple and easy for credit cardholders.


  • Interest rates on purchases are higher than usual.
  • Cashbacks and rewards are available on the credit card but not on every purchase can they earn a reward.
  • Cardmembers do not get a signup bonus.
  • No complimentary rewards or cards are offered for gases, and there is no travel or rental insurance facility on the credit card.


Here’s what you must and must know about the Micro center credit card that is termed to be one of the best available credit cards in the market. Learn more about the credit card before taking it up or even after taking it by reading this complete blog.


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