M&S Banking credit card login & Pay Bill Payment [Increase Limit]

M&S Banking provides you with credit cards that go well with your budgets and requirements. It not only offers you monetary freedom but also provides you with rewards, benefits, offers, and gifts every time you use your credit cards.

There are three credit cards in offering from the M&S bank customers-

  • Shopping Plus Offer,
  • Transfer Plus Offer, and
  • Rewards Offer credit cards

Each credit card focuses on a certain kind of reward and offers based on what the credit card is meant for.

For example, credit cards for shopping cover more of your shopping needs and reward offers to focus more on promoting different rewards in customers.

Some of the essential features with regards to credit card bill payment are shared below;

Essential FeaturesShopping Plus Offer + Transfer Plus Offer + Rewards Offer
Annual Fee£0
Late Payment Fee£12
Returned Payment FeeNot mentioned
Interest19.9 %
Cash Advance Fee2.99%
Grace PeriodNot applicable as the card is interest-free for 55 days

How to do M&S credit card login?

M&S credit card login needs you to move to their official website.

  • Add your username to the first screen.
M&S credit card login
  • Once it matches, you are sent to the next screen where you must add your password.
  • Click on the sign-in tab next for moving ahead into your account.

If you are not registered with them, you must create an account by clicking the tab that asks you to tap it for M&S internet banking registration.

M&S credit card pay

Once you click on the tab, it will take you to the Register page where you must enter your birth date, 16 digit M&S credit card number, savings account details.

account registration

To further move ahead, press on the Continue tab to complete the registration process.

Fill in the prompted sections and press the Register tab to complete the process.

Once registration is complete, you will receive an activation link in your mail and when you click it, you will finally complete the registration process.

How to Pay M&S Credit card bill payment?

To pay the M&S credit card bill, you can use either of the following ways-

  1. Using the direct debit option
  2. Internet Banking is also an option
  3. Through the M&S Banking app
  4. Using the payment facilities through your M&S bank
  5. Send a payment check

M&S credit card online payments can be made by logging into your online account.

  1. Move to the Payments segment and then head off to the Pay Bill section.
  2. Add your credit card details that include your credit card number, name, expiry date, and CVV number.
  3. Incorporate your bill details and press on the Pay tab option to pass the payment through the gateway.
  4. Once your payment is successful, you must be receiving a mail from them.

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number?

Pay by phone facility is not available since 07th December 2020 so you cannot try that option.

However, if you are not well versed with the use of the internet or are not much in sync with your electronic gadgets, devices, and systems, you can try sending them a check or money order to M&S Bank, PO Box 77, Harlow, CM20 9BX.

How to do M&S credit card balance transfer to bank account?

To transfer your online balance, you must follow the below steps.

  1. From your internet banking option, visit the My Account tab.
  2. Choose the M&S credit card account option.
  3. Press the Balance Transfer option
  4. Complete the M&S credit card date in the given section before moving ahead with the balance transfer.
  5. Once you have completed the balance transfer, you will receive an intimation of the same.

You can also give a call to 0345 900 0900 to initiate the balance transfer.

How to increase M&S Credit card limit?

The minimum offer on the credit card is £500 and once you have regularly paid off your credit card interest, you will be able to apply for the credit card limit increase. You will need to be a regular credit payer for a while to get accepted by the M&S credit card account.

M&S credit card offers

Three different credit cards provide you with different kinds of offers and they are being mentioned below.

Shopping Plus OfferTransfer Plus OfferRewards Offer
0% on balance transfer for 23 monthsBalance Transfer is done at 0% for 31 months0% transfer for a span of 12 months
You can go interest-free for 55 daysThe facility is available on this credit card as wellRewards Offer credit card also gives you the 55-days interest-free window
No annual feeThey charge no annual feeRewards Offer credit card goes without an annual fee

Customer Service Number

The customer service number is 0345 600 5860 where you can raise your doubts and queries and the lines are open from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm.

How do you redeem M&S credit card points?

For every 100 credit card points, you are eligible to receive £1.

There is nothing extra you need to do to redeem your rewards. They will post the vouchers four times a year, and you can use them within 15 months.

Using these vouchers can enable a fair amount of discounts on groceries, or you can save them for bigger purchase offers.

Can you have 2 M&S credit cards?

Nothing is mentioned regarding the possession of two M&S credit cards at the same time but their site says that you can include another cardholder, more than 18 years of age. Both of you can enjoy the same benefits and while shopping can equally earn M&S points.


If you want any one of the three credit cards, do read the essential login and payment-related information from this segment. If you have been a credit card holder and want to know the process of creating a credit card online account, you can read our blog to know these processes effectively.


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