New York and company credit card Login [Pay Bill Payment]

New York and company credit card login process is similar to the login process of other credit cards. But, if you are not sure of it, you must find out more from this article. Additionally, we will talk a little bit about the registration process and also more about the payment-related processes.

The credit card payment needs to be done on a certain date, when not done it can incur additional charges known as the late payment fee.

Similarly, like other credit cards, this too has its charges and before we find out more about them, you need to know that the credit card is available only through an online application process. To make an online application, you must fill in an online form.

Several requirements around the credit card need to be fulfilled before you can even think of applying for the credit card. Once you have the credit card, look into creating an online account to better manage your account functions.

Apart from saving time, an online account can make your work easy when reviewing and paying bills, collecting account summaries, and solving account-related problems.

In the table below, we will see more of the charges one incurs from the credit card.

Essential FeaturesNew York and company credit card           
Late Payment Fee$38
Returned Payment feeUpto $25
Interest & Purchase APR25.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee5%/$10 whichever is greater
Balance Transfer APRN/A
Foreign transaction fee3%

How to do New York and company credit card login?

To create an online account with them, you need to visit their login site.

Step 1: Once on the site, quickly click the login tab after adding your username and password.

You will be taken to your online account post this step.

New York and company credit card

But, what do you do, if you still do not have an account with them?

Creating an account will solve your problem. Click on the Register tab to start the application process for your RunwayRewards credit card.

Add your already taken credit card number with the ZIP or postal code.

Also mention if you want the SSN, SIN, or AIN to serve as an identifying document. Add the last four digits of the document number chosen by you.

New York and company credit card account

How to pay New York and company credit card bill payment?

Credit card bills can be paid in stores, via phone and mail, and through their online account facility. You can also try the Easy Pay process for the credit card from their login page to complete the bill payment.

To pay online, go to your account and then press the Payment tab.

Go to the Pay Bill tab, and then add the bill details including bill number and bill amount plus the bill date.

Include your payment details and then confirm the process to complete the payment.

Additionally, from their site, press on the Easy Pay option.

Add your credit card account number, ZIP code, identifying document type, and the end four identification card details.

New York and company credit card login

Payment Mailing address & Phone Number

To pay via their phone number, call 800-889-0494, and in the process, keep your credit card and payment source close.

To mail them the amount, send your bill and money order or check to Comenity Capital Bank, P.O. Box 659728, San Antonio, TX 78265-9728.

How to close New York and Company credit card?

To close your New York and company credit card, call TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788 or 1-800-889-0494 letting them know you wish to close your account.

Card Benefits

People love the credit card as they benefit a lot from it a lot.

  1. For all the purchases you make using a credit card, you will receive a 1.5% cashback.
  2. The credit card does not have a foreign transaction fee as well as an annual fee.
  3. Pre-qualification for this credit card is possible and that will not impact your credit score in any way.
  4. Your credit limit will automatically increase if you pay your credit card bills in time five times consecutively.
  5. Cashback will not expire as long as you do not close your account.
  6. FICO score updates and 2% cashbacks are possible at different gas stations and restaurants.
  7. There will be no late fee for the first late payment you make.
  8. A security deposit if ever levied on anyone is refundable though the credit card does not seem to have any.

Customer service Number

The customer service number for the New York and company credit card is (800) 961-9906 whenever you want to solve your queries and doubts.


To conclude, we can say that those who regularly shop from New York and the company will benefit from the credit card for sure.

If you have a credit card with you read carefully about the login and payment process from this article.


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