How to apply for Botswana Defence Force application? Requirements

What is application?

Botswana defence force is serving the nation and you can be a part of this force by joining it.

To fill in the application you need to fit in the eligibility criteria which includes appropriate body health metrics and parameters. Entry points are non-commissioned officers, officer candidates, and special entrant officers. The basic training is for one year and six months. People having children can join BDF as it is not a disqualifying factor at all however, there should be a gap of six months between childbirth and joining forces. application form

How to apply for Botswana Defence Force application?

To apply online you have to visit the Application.

Visit Site

– Click on the Selection list or the recruitment centre to find out details about the recruitment.

– Further, download the application form or fill in the details online as per requirement including your personal information section and also other sections containing questions about the selection process.

– Once filled, submit the application form either in the physical centres or online. Application Requirements

There are several eligibility requirements that users might have to qualify like,

– Only Botswana citizens can apply

– Individuals must be aged between 18 and 24 years but those who are professional, age can be waivered in such scenarios.

– For officer cadets, the minimum qualification required is a degree in it.

– They should possess a national identity card (Omang) or have a valid proof of registration.

– Mental and physical fitness is required for those who wish to join the Botswana forces.

– Minimum height requirement is 165 cm for men and 160 cm for women.

– Bodyweight needs to be at least 55 kg for men and 45 kg for women.

– Candidates applying should mandatorily undergo physical fitness and comprehensive medical assessment tests.

– Pregnant female candidates will not be allowed.

– As proof of identification, one must submit the qualification proof and a valid national ID card.

How to check Botsawana Application status?

To check Application status, must visit their selection portal and choose the recruitment centre. You can see the names of people who qualified for the tests on the page. If your name is there you are chosen or else you are not.

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