How to apply for P-EBT Texas Summer 2021? Check Eligibility

What is P-EBT Texas summer 2021?

The summer program of P-EBT Texas provided funds for the month of June to August 2021 with a one-time benefit of $375. It is for those children from Grade Kindergarten to Grade 12 who were previously eligible for meals in schools. Those who receive SNAP benefits during this period will automatically be eligible to receive the P-EBT benefits. Children will receive a one-time benefit of $375 that is paid for their groceries and food.

How to apply for P-EBT Texas?

There is no online application process for filling P-EBT Texas. To apply for the P-EBT Texas funds, here are the steps you need to follow.

If your child’s school is a part of the P-EBT program, they will then forward a link to you for filling up the application form for the P-EBT program for your child. Once you fill it up, you will have to submit the application.

If you are a part of the SNAP program, and your child is approved by P-EBT, they will transfer the funds to your lone star card directly.

You can additionally gain more information for the same in the link given below.


If you wish to gain the P-EBT benefits, here are a few requirements you must fulfill.

  1. The students and their families must be based in Texas.
  2. The parent or guardian must have a social security number (SSN).
  3. The income level of the family must be below the declared Federal poverty limits.


The second and third round eligibility criteria for P-EBT are almost the same. To be eligible to obtain the second/third round P-EBT, these two eligibility criteria serve as the deciding factor.

  1. The child is eligible for food benefits through the National School lunch program initiative.
  2. The child is eligible for free or discounted meals. The child must have attended the Community English Provision School.
  3. Children born after 1st August 2014 in families that have received SNAP benefits at least once between October last year to June of this year.

P-EBT Texas summer 2021 when will it be available?

The Lone Star card was filled from 11th to 15th October 2021 as part of the Summer Texas 2021 program. Families who receive SNAP will get the benefits coming up to their card account from 29th November to 3rd December. Those who are not eligible for SNAP benefits will receive them by 27th December.


If you need P-EBT support, read their application procedure and apply appropriately. If you are not receiving SNAP benefits, you can apply for them. If SNAP benefits are obtained, your child can get P-EBT benefits even without applying.


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