How to apply for Pandora Credit Card Application Complete Guide?


The company went on to become a global brand from a small Danish goldsmith outlet. Pandora is for the regular shoppers and if you are a regular shopper, you can try using their credit card by putting forth a Pandora credit card application. They bring together hand-finished jewellery and sell them across six continents in some 70+ countries.

The credit card offers you perks and various privileges and numerous discounts and offers with the Pandora credit card.

Online offers with the credit card are valid for a period of 30 days and with the credit card, you can get free cleaning of your jewellery. You can redeem the birthday offers from the gift card centres. Card members get a special VIP access to choose special sales and also different events through the credit card.

How to apply for Pandora Credit Card Application?

The credit card has a high APR and thereby suits those best who shop almost every month from them. If you are such an ardent jewellery collector then you can apply for a credit card either online or offline.

One can apply for offline credit card from the store and if you want to apply for the Pandora credit card, here is what you must do.

  1. First Visit Official Site.
  2. Add the last four digits of the SSN (social security number) and also the mobile number.
Pandora Credit Card Application
  • Fill in the complete form as mentioned here. Add your name, email address, mobile number, complete address and also SSN. Add your net income and complete the process.
Pandora Credit Card Apply
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and then press the continue tab.
Pandora Credit Card online Apply

What are Application Requirements?

You need to fulfil the following application requirements.

  1. Your email ID.
  2. SSN (social security number)
  3. Birth date
  4. Income made on a monthly basis

Who is Eligible?

1) Anyone who wants the credit card must be 16 years old for the credit card.

2) You must have a minimum credit scores

3) A proper bank account information or credit card/debit card

What are the Annual fees, Interest rate, & Credit Limit?

Annual fees for the Pandora credit card are zero, interest rate is 29.99%, and credit limit depends on one’s creditworthiness.


Several benefits that come up from this credit card include the following;

  1. You can save up to 10% over your first purchase after acquiring the credit card.
  2.  Managing accounts, viewing balances, scheduling payments can be done easily with it.
  3. A monthly birthday offer is also possible with the help of the credit card.
  4. Different sales events arranged are intimated regularly to credit card holders.

Pros & Cons?

Having the credit card can offer you some advantages and can be disadvantageous as well.

Pros of having the credit card

  1. A discount is provided on the initial purchases made.
  2. Annual renewal fees are zero.
  3. It has several birthday offers, in-store events and promotions.
  4. Pandora offers a safe online transaction platform.

Cons of having a credit card

  1. Having the credit card is best for avid shoppers as a minimum monthly purchase of $100 is required.
  2. When you are returning discounted items the discount will not be refunded back.
  3. APR is expensive for the Pandora credit card.
  4. The company penalizes the late monthly installments.

Who issues Pandora credit card?

Synchrony issues the credit card for Pandora.

Can I use my Pandora credit card anywhere?

The Pandora credit card can be used in store as well as online.


If you know about the credit card, and want to have one, you need to read more about the card from here. The card is best for those who regularly shop from Pandora and its always wise to grab all the information about a credit card.


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