Pier One Credit Card Login and Payment [Bill Pay]

For the Pier One credit card, you can first register with the site. If you are already registered, you can sign in to your created account with your approved credentials.

How to do Pier One credit card login

Those who do not have an account must register with the site in the following way.

Pier 1 credit card

Step 1- Visit the website link provided here, and start the registration process by clicking on the Register Now tab.

credit card Pier One

Step 2- In here, you must add your credit card account number, ZIP/Postal code, Identification number, and the four end digits of SSN.

credit card Pier-1 online

Step 3- This account can be created when you already have opted for a physical account with Pier 1. While trying the registration process that same credit card account number must be added in the credit card account number section.

Step 4- There are three types of identification types you can use for this site- social security number, social insurance number, and alternate identification number.

Step 5- Now click on the Find My Account tab and when your account appears, you can go to the profile section and add the relevant or missing details here.

How to Pay Pier One credit card?

To initiate the Pier One credit card bill pay, you can log into your Synchrony online account (mysynchrony.com).

Once you sync your credit card with your Synchrony online account, you will be able to pay the Pier One credit card bills through the platform easily.

You can also choose third-party sites to initiate the Pier One credit card bill payment and can even pay it directly through the account either online or in stores.

How to make payment?

Once you have taken credit, you can pay the Pier One credit card amount by directly logging into your site or from the Synchrony online account.

You can even choose other third-party stores like doxo.com to pay your bills.

How to close Pier 1 credit card?

To close the credit card account, you can either call them at 1-800-767-3662 or a TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788.

You can also send them a message through the Secure Messaging Center.

What is the Customer Service Number?

The customer service number of Pier One includes their toll-free number: (800) 245-4595 and you can find other numbers from the link shared here.


Here is some essential information about Tier One credit cards. If you want to use the Tier One credit card efficiently, you must know everything about it, and reading this blog content will help you.


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