How to do Priceline Rewards credit card login & Bill Payment Online?


Barclay bank supports the Rewards VISA credit card that has its significance in cutting out travel deals for people. If you plan to book hotels and travel deals, you can try the credit card from them. The VISA Priceline credit card can offer you five times the reward points and also limitless credit points.

There are many benefits of the credit card that includes no annual fees for these cards. You can also earn reward points anywhere and everywhere a VISA card is accepted.

If you spend $1000 towards the stuff you purchase in the first 90 days of the credit card intake, you will receive 10,000 points for it. The credit card also does not have any foreign transaction fees. It covers $0 Fraud Liability protection and thus, you will never be charged with any fraudulent charges.

How to activate Priceline credit card?

The best way to activate the Barclay credit card is either through their app or through their website. To activate the credit card, you must visit Barclay’s site here.

Step 1: Either launch the Barclay app on your mobile device or move on to the activation page for activating the credit card.

You can choose the Barclay app and install it from the Google Playstore or Apple appstore.

On the activation page, you have the option to log in as an existing credit card member or as a new member who can activate your credit card.

You can also skip login and activate your credit card. It can be done by adding the;

  • four end digits of your social security number,
  • birth date,
  • account number,
  • security code, and also your
  • occupation
  • by adding if you are a US citizen.
credit card payment
credit card bill

To activate the credit card, you can also call (877) 408-8866.

How to do Priceline Rewards credit card login?

To login to the Rewards credit card account, you must use the following link.

  1. Add your credit card sign in details including the username and password.
activate the credit card

Step 2: You must click on the Login tab to complete the login process.

How to pay Priceline credit card bill payment?

To pay the Priceline credit card bill payment, you must use the below process.

  1. Login to your Barclay account.
  2. Go to the Payment methods tab.
  3. From the list of options, choose the Bill payment option.
  4. Add your bill amount and also your credit card details.
  5. You can also add your current account details which include your routing and account number.
  6. Press the Pay option to complete making the payment.
OfferingsPriceline VIP credit cardPriceline VISA rewards credit card
Annual feeNilNil
Is credit check required?There is no need for a credit checkOne must go through the credit score check
Starting levelBasic membership levelYou can start with the VIP gold scheme
Where can you use the credit card?It can be used only in PricelineYou can also use it in non-Priceline places
AdvantagesUp to 50% for hotels and 20% on rentalsEarn 5x times of points for every $1 spent for the Priceline bookings

How to cancel Priceline credit card?

You can contact (866) 928-8598 number to cancel your Priceline credit card anytime during a week.

Customer service number?

For general inquiries, you can contact (866) 928-8598. You can follow their contact page to know more about the customer service numbers for different wings and information around them.

What is the Priceline credit card Payment Address?

The Priceline credit card payment address is P.O. Box 13337 Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337 and customers get 7 days for payment clearance.

What is the Payment Phone Number?

To pay the payment through a phone number, you can call them at 1-866-951-1440.


The Priceline credit card is one of the best in stock for frequent travelers. If you wish to know about its login details and also payment processes, you must read the entire article for more information.


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