Privacy Policy

Welcome Learners! is a educational website. It is a community of learners who want to learn something. This website is best for students. Our website provides free information to our users.

What Information we collect from our users?

We ask for name of the user, email of the user and name of the website if they have. We collect this information to keep our users updated with us.

When we collect information?

We collect information from our user when they use our services. We collect name, Email, or website name when they give feedback for our service and we also collect email of the users when they subscribe to our website to update them about new articles.

Why we collect information?

We collect information to update our user to our new articles and also to improve our website by getting user feedback. It also helps us to provide a better user experience.

  • To update our user about new article
  • To know our user’s experience
  • For improve our website service
  • To provide our user better service

How we protect your information?

Don’t worry about privacy. We care for your privacy. We never share your personal information with anyone.


Cookies are the small file that is stored on the computer of the user. It is used to store small amount of information about the website into the user’s computer so that it enables the website server to provide specific information to the user.

We use cookies

Yes, we use cookies. We use it to save the preferences of the user for future visit. User can disable the cookies it doesn’t affect the experience of the user.

Third parties

We offer third parties products and services on our websites but we are not responsible for their service and activities. They have their own privacy policy. We are only responsible for our services and we do not share your personal information with these third parties. We prefer you to read the privacy policy of third parties before sharing information and using their service.

Children Privacy

This website is educational website. Students under 18 can also use our services. This site is safe for everyone. We don’t collect any information from children under 13.

This is all you read about privacy Policy of Hope you liked it.

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