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On the Quick Trip website, you can find a lot about the QT kitchens and food, QT travel locations and also their gasoline rates. The company is offering handsome rewards, and discounts on all their products. To know more about them, you can visit their site to find out about their benefits.

QT offers several kinds of credit cards.

  • Gift cards from QT
  • QT Fleetmaster credit cards
  • Pumpstart credit cards

If you have any of these credit cards, you will need a credit card online account. A credit card online account is a valuable tool when owning a credit card. You must however have the QT credit card with you to create your account. The QT credit card and the account are secure with your online account. Additionally, paying bills, keeping a tab on notifications, and also taking appropriate actions when necessary become easier with the help of the online account.

However, if you are unsure of the login process and wish to know the registration process, read below to find out more.

The QT credit card is a wonderful tool that has its benefits. For example, refilling at QT gas stations can bring a return that can significantly add to your pocket.

Annual FeesNil
Credit LimitDepending on your creditworthiness
Purchase APR18%
Balance Transfer APRNot allowed on the credit card
Minimum required credit score580
Security DepositN/A
Average Regular APR18%
Reward Rate5 cents every gallon

How to do QT Credit Card login?

By using your online account, you can perform a lot of tasks from the comfort of your home.

  • It is easier to make online payments when you own an online account.
  • Viewing and receiving statements online is possible with the help of your credit card.
  • You can always keep a track of your credit card purchases with the help of it.
  • The transaction history can be easily downloaded.

QT credit card has an ordinary login process where signing in requires a username and password.

QT Credit Card login

If you are not registered with them, you can do so by filling up the information in these given boxes. You need to add your QT credit card number and the security phrase to complete the process.

QT payments for credit card

It also means that your credit card number must be registered with them already even before you open an online account. Only then can you create your online account by providing your credit card number.

How to pay QT Credit card Bill Payment?

Paying your bill for the QT credit card is possible through online and offline means. Offline bill payment is possible via mail and phone provisions.

  • When online, you must login to your QT credit card account.
  • Visit the Payment segment.
  • From there, move to the Pay Bill section.
  • Add your payment details and also your bill details.
  • After adding them, press the Pay Bill tab to complete the payment through the payment gateway.

QT Credit Payment Mailing address

Send your credit card bill amount (either through check or money order) and your credit card bill details to the following address:

QuikTrip QT Credit Card, PO Box 2557, Omaha NE 68103-2557

QT Credit Card Payment phone Number?

The QT credit card payment phone number is 888-295-5540 where you can call to make your credit card payments. Credit card payments can either be made by following their prompts or by calling a live representative. Often the call made to live representatives is chargeable. 

Card Benefits?

With them, you get superior quality gasoline and diesel fuel.

  1. Cash rebates are given to everyone who makes the payments through the QT credit card.
  2. 1% cashback facility is available per gallon that is equivalent to 3.15 cents.
  3. Additionally, there is 2% cashback and 5% cashback where the payout is done at the rate of 6.3 cents per gallon (2%) and 15.75 cents (5%).
  4. Signing up for rewards makes the credit cards from them very popular.
  5. You do not have annual fees on the use of the credit card.

Customer Service number

You can call them at 800-247-3452 or even 888-295-5540 to know about your credit card benefits and also other available benefits.


If you like the rewards and benefits you draw from the QT credit card, you can have the credit card from them but make sure you read about the intricate knowhow from this article to easily maneuver through your account for different purposes.


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