How to Register EBMN application? Log in & Get Application form

What is the EBMN application?

The EBMN application is an application by the community development department for the benefit and of the people. Those who want to take these facilities have to fill the form and the process of filling this form is listed below. 

So if you are someone who wants to fill the form and is interested in these facilities then follow the steps below and apply for the same. It is very simple and easy and there are just a few steps after which you will get the facilities provided by the community development.

How to Register EBMN application & login?

How to Register EBMN application? 

To register for the EBMN application all you need to do is follow these steps that are listed below and easily get going.

  • Open your search option from any electronic device.
  • Write “EBNM application”
  • Tap on the very first website link.
  • This will lead you to a page go to that and register yourself by taping on “user registration
  • Fill in all the details and register yourself.

How to log in EBMN application?

After the registration process is done all you need to do is keep the credentials to you. Then when you want to log in all you need to do is visit the official site that is given above enter your credentials that are the user name and password tap ok and log in.

How to get EBMN application form?

To get the EBMN form for applicants register first then login and get the form. Or else tap to the link given here and go to the form.

This link will directly take you to the Google form for the application form.


  • Governments support
  • Medical facility at village and community level
  • Easy living


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