How to apply for Ritz Carlton Rewards Credit Card?


Ritz Carlton hotel chains offer some of the most luxurious facilities for their guests. Their hotel rewards allow the guests to earn 10 points for every dollar spent in the hotel.

If you are put up at Marriott, you will also gain points if you use the Ritz Carlton credit card. Maximize rewards with this credit card and you can always estimate your earning potential when you have the credit card.

Redeem rewards which include the possibilities of a free night award and also every additional way to redeem your points.

The credit card is a jackpot that gives you 6X points for every $1 spent in all the participating hotels. There are 3X points for every dollar spent on the $6000 and on all other purchases made with the credit card.

If you want to take a credit card, you can apply for it on their site.

Annual Fees$450
Credit LimitDepending on your creditworthiness
Purchase APR17.24% to 24.24%
Balance Transfer APR5%
Minimum required credit scoreMore than 690
Security DepositN/A
Average Regular APR17.74% – 24.74% (variable)

How to apply for Ritz Carlton Rewards Credit Card?

The Ritz-Carlton credit card application is no longer open for applicants who want to apply for this credit card newly. The credit card was discontinued in July 2018. But, if you still want the credit card, you must,

  • Apply for a Marriott Bonvoy Bold or Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card for 12 months.
  • Pay your bills and increase your credit limit up to $10,000.
  • If you do not have any other Chase card, you must try a credit line reallocation.
  • Call the number present on the back of your Chase credit card and ask for a product change or upgrade and seek the Ritz-Carlton rewards credit card from J.P. Morgan.
  • Once you are taken to the Ritz Carlton rewards credit card page, request it online or call them up to place a request.
  • You can fill up all the essential information within the form to complete it and then submit it over.

Ritz Carlton Rewards Credit Card Requirements

The requirements of the Ritz-Carlton would have to have the following requirements fulfilled.

  1. One must be 18 years of age and above to be eligible for the Ritz-Carlton credit card.
  2. You must have had a Chase account that must have an upgrade request with it.
  3. A proper address of the applicant is essential for applying.
  4. You should have a proper income and job profile for adding to your application.

Annual fees & Credit limit?

The annual fee is $450 and the credit limit depends like every other credit card on the creditworthiness of the individual.


  • The foreign transaction fee is zero on the credit card.
  • There are multiple ways in which the acquired points can be redeemed.
  • You can directly get the gold elite status automatically.
  • Travel credits can act as a valuable addition.
  • Earning rate is quite promising even in other categories of expenditure and it is highest in the Marriott Bonvoy purchases.


  • There is no sign-up bonus on the credit card
  • The card is no longer open to all, so it’s hard to get.

Is the Ritz Carlton credit card worth it?

Yes, the Ritz Carlton credit card is worth having for the brilliant offerings it serves its customers.

How much is the Ritz Carlton credit card?

The Ritz Carlton credit card is due an annual fee of $450.


The Ritz Carlton card is one of the best to have if you can digest its annual fee. Offers and rewards can fill your purses and pockets once you start using the VISA credit card. You can also use the credit card in every place where a VISA credit card is accepted. Read more about the credit card and how you can apply for it from here.


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