Santander credit card Login [Pay Bill Payment] Get Rewards

Santander has some of the best credit cards including long-term balance transfer credit cards, an all-in-one credit card, no balance transfer fee, and World Elite MasterCard.

Each of these credit cards makes way for hundreds of different rewards and benefits. If you are planning to go for the Santander credit cards, you must know about the login, payment, and cancellation of the credit card process before moving forward.

However, before we move to the next process, we will have to go through a few fees to know if the card is the right one for us.

Essential FeaturesEveryday No Balance Transfer Fee Credit CardAll in One Credit CardEveryday Long Term Balance Transfer Credit CardSantander World Elite MasterCard
Late Payment Fee£12£12Upto £12£12
Returned Payment Fee£12Upto £12£12
Interest & Purchase APR0% for 3 months followed by 20.9% APR0% for 20 months changing to 17.9%20.9% (variable)49.8% APR
Cash Advance Fee29.9%29.9%3%29.9%
Grace PeriodInterest Free period of 56 days56 days interest free7-15 daysUpto 57 days interest free
Balance Transfer APR3% post 3 months in 0%0% for 26 months followed by 3%0% for 29 months; 18.9% p.a.14.94% to 24.07%
Foreign transaction fee2.95% or 3%No3%Nil

How to login to Santander Credit card account?

Santander’s credit card account login involves the following steps.

  1. Visit the Santander website.
Santander website login
  • Press on the Login tab to start the sign-in process that takes you to a new page.
Santander credit card
  • Here you will come across three login options- personal, business and corporate.

For the personal accounts, add your ID, and then the registration number or customer PIN. Press the Login button thereafter to complete the sign-in process.

  • For those who have a business account, you can use the following login process.

Here you can add your ID and your 5-digit registration number before pressing the Login tab.

Santander user registration

For those who have corporate accounts, you need to login using your Company ID and user ID. You will also need to use your registered device or mobile phone to complete the signing-in process.

Santander Login pay

It is important to note that the Santander credit card login process needs details that you must receive from them. So, you cannot go online and create an account for yourself.

How to Pay Santander credit card Bill Payment?

To pay the Santander credit card bill, you can login to your mobile banking tab.

  1. Choose the Santander credit card account for which you want to make your payment.
  2. Click on the Make payment option and then click to add the payment amount.
  3. When the payment option field opens up, choose one of these- current balance, statement balance, minimum amount, and other amounts.
  4. Choose the payment from and to dates and to enter the dates, select them from the calendar that opens up.
  5. Go through your payment details and choose the Submit tab.
  6. You can see the confirmation message which reads that payment is successfully scheduled.
  7. Click on the Done tab to complete the process.

You can use the current account or a debit card to make the Santander payment.

Santander Current account paymentsSantander payments via debit card Santander one-off payments
Use Sort code: 09-00-99 & Account number: 01000007  Make Direct Debit payments from your debit cardLogin to your online banking and select Pay Santander Credit Card payment and proceed by entering the debit card details.

Apart from mobile or online banking, you can make your Santander credit card payment through

  • Direct debits and
  • One-off payments.

Offline payments can be made,

  • Using their phone number or
  • The payment mailing address

Payment mailing Address & Phone Number

Mail your check or money order to Santander Bank, N.A., Card Services Processing, P.O. Box 847054, Boston, MA 02284.

For overnight payments, use this address: Santander Bank, N.A., Mail Code: MA1-MB3-01-04, 2 Morrissey Blvd, Dorchester, MA 02125.

If you want to talk to them to pay your credit card bill, use the number- (888) 222-4227. Tell them your credit card bill and when prompted, make the payment.

How to cancel Santander credit card?

Once you decide to cancel the Santander credit card, you will need to give their customer service department a call at 877-768-2265 between 06:00 am to 10 pm anytime.

How to do Santander credit card balance transfer online?

The Santander credit card balance transfer can be done online in the following way.

  1. Select the credit card to which you want to transfer your amount, it could be a new card or an already existing account card.
  2. Provide different details to the company to initiate and complete the credit card transfer including your current balance and account number.
  3. The credit card company will look at fixing your new credit card limit. Once it is found to be enough to cover the complete balance transfer the company will pay off your old account.

Santander credit card rewards

Each of the four Santander credit cards has different reward schemes for those using them.

Long term balance transfer credit cardAll in one credit cardNo balance transfer fee credit cardWorld Elite MasterCard
No Monthly or annual fee for possessing the credit cardBalance transfers and purchases have generous interest free periodsNo monthly or balance transfer fee40% discount for those opting for Santander travel
It has a 2.75% balance transfer feeNo foreign transaction feeA bonus of 25% on welcome offers on 5 different occasions.You need not pay any foreign transaction fee
From the time of account opening, you will pay only 0% interest for the balance transfer in the first 31 months.You can include almost three more additional credit cardholdersInterest-free on 18 months of balance transfer and purchases for 3 monthsFor purchases made upto 3,000 monthly, you get to enjoy 0.5% cashback.
Enjoy 15% cashback with different retail offersGet cashback for everything you buy using the cardYou can avail of 15% cashback from different retailers.With the credit card, you have access to 1000 airport lounges and a million Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to increase Santander credit card limit?

To increase the Santander credit card limit, you must call 1-877-768-2265. You will, however, have to fulfill certain eligibility requirements, and only then will your credit limit be increased.

How to redeem Santander credit card points?

Use the Santander mobile banking app, and online banking website and call the customer service number (877-768-2265) to get your Santander credit card points.

  • Go to the redemption portal online.
  • Press the Redeem tab and then select the way you wish to redeem the rewards.
  • Use either a statement credit, direct deposit to the bank or check to redeem your reward. You can also choose gift cards, tickets to a concert, sports tickets, or charity.
  • Once you have chosen the way you wish to redeem your reward, click on the Redeem tab to complete the process.


A lot about the Santander credit cards is about benefitting consumers with the right rewards. Having an online account helps and to have it and also know more about the payment process, read this article.


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