How to apply for SBA targeted EIDL advance application form [2021]

The SBA Targeted EIDL advance application scheme helps small business owners who have suffered losses during the COVID-19 disaster. The Economic Injury Disaster Loan is meant to provide financial assistance to all the small business owners of the United States whose business was hit by the pandemic. Loan approvals have begun from 06th April, 2021 and would officially open from 22nd April, 2021. The maximum loan amount that can be claimed by an individual business is $500,000.

EIDL loans are for a fixed term with 3.75% interest for businesses. For non profits the fixed term is covered at 2.75%. It is for 30 years span and does not incur any pre-payment fees or even does not levy penalties on it. You will not be forgiven the loan but might be forgiven the advance payment.

SBA targeted EIDL advance application form

Application Requirements

For the targeted EIDL advance application to work, you must know the requirements well.

  • It must be a low income group.
  • It should be able to show that it suffered 50% or more of economic losses.
  • The organization has 10 or lesser number of employees.
  • There should be no delinquency observed for more than 60 days for principal owners of the business.
  • The applicant must not be engaged in any sort of sexual activity.
  • The applicant does not have more than one-third of the income coming from gambling activities.
  • The requestor is not into lobbying business.
  • The person is not a government entity and neither a Congress member.

How to apply for SBA Application?

The SBA targeted EIDL application is open to small businesses, non-profit organizations, smaller agricultural co-operatives and farming sectors.

  • You have to fill up your business type soon after you have logged into the site.
  • There are numerous checkboxes which you would need to check or leave blank accordingly.
  • Click on the next tab to fill the application form.
  • In the next step enter all your business related information wisely.
  • In the next tab fill in all the information about the business owners.
  • Fill in additional information, if any and then summarize the application requirements before submitting the application.

How long does EIDL advance take?

The application approval ideally takes 18 to 21 days with two to five more days for moving the loan to your account. EIDL advances however should take ideally three days from application.

How to get the EIDL grant?

To receive the EIDL grant, you have to look into their requirements, and then you’ll have to apply for it online or through submission of hard copy of the form and other stuffs. Finally, wait for your EIDL advance application’s acceptance before the loan is sanctioned in your name and favor.

How to get approved for EIDL?

To get approved, you must fulfill all their do’s and don’ts as listed in their website. The list of eligibility requirements must get fulfilled to get your loan approved by EIDL.

How to check status?

You can either call 1-800-659-2965 or you can write to the customer care [email protected] (mentioning your username and other details about the loan application).

Even if you’re invited to fill in the advance grant application, it does not guarantee you would receive the grant.

If you have submitted an online SBA advance application, you can check the status by following the below steps.

  • Go to the SBA website.
  • Now click on the funding programs from the upper right corner of the website.
  • Next, click on the EIDL option by scrolling downwards.
  • There itself you can easily check your loan status.

SBA targeted EIDL advance declined Solution

If your advance grant application is declined once, you have a span of six months to ask them to reconsider your application once again and you can do it either by sending an email or a mail request.


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