Sentri Application Form Online | Requirements, Status, Fees, Pass Rules

SENTRI APPLICATION:- The migration of workers from Mexico to the United States used to be a long and arduous process, often taking years but with Sentri online application process it has become far easier.

Sentri online application process ensures people don’t have to stand in long queues, don’t have to undergo irrelevant paper works and custom checks.

sentri application

Sentri Application requirements

Requirements of Sentri Application includes the fulfilment of the following criteria.

  • Permanent residents of the United States should have resided in the States for a minimum of three years.
  • Should not have any history of noncompliance with immigration and customs during previous travels.
  • Applicants must be US or Mexican citizens or permanent resident.
  • The applicant should have a clean criminal record and applicants lesser than 18 years of age, should have parental written consent.
  • All applicants should have legal admission to enter the United States.
  • A background check report and a 10-fingerprint check with law enforcement and a personal interview would be scheduled thereafter.

How to fill out the Sentri application online?

To fill out the online Sentri application, please go through the required steps.

– Click to begin your application, then fill in all the details and save the form. Submit it thereafter and do not forget to check it before submissions.

– You would need to pay a service fee of $139.99 through PayPal and you would be contacted within 24-48 hours from your application.

How to check SENTRI application status?

After you have filled out your SENTRI application, your application will be entered into the government database and you would be intimated of the application status through mail or mobile as per your feasibility.

If it is conditionally approved, you can check the application status and set an appointment with the US Custom and Border Protection Agency.


How much is the Sentri application fee?

It is $139.99 through PayPal and 24-48 hours after application you would be contacted by the team to fix up further processes.

How long does Sentri application approval take?

The Sentri application might need up to 1 year to help you reach the interview process.

SENTRI card application process

The SENTRI card application process asks you to go through the below steps.

  • Create a trusted traveller account and enter your age into the account.
  • Complete your application and pay the non-refundable payment.
  • CBP reviews your application post completion of the application.
  • Next, TTP sends you instructions for scheduling your interview with the SENTRI enrolment centre.
  • Bring a valid passport and an ID during the interview.

SENTRI pass Rules

This membership is granted for five years. TSA pre-checks will be done with SENTRI and one must not hold any type of criminal or offense records, any drug-related issues in their life and that is how the SENTRI pass will be allotted.

After getting the SENTRI pass, go through the rule book and make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations you must obey to maintain clean access to your Sentri card.

Activate your account wherever you receive it. If you delay your activation by 30 days, you will no longer be able to access it.

There are separate SENTRI vehicle rules and lane rules, also have various Sentri violation rules which you must know separately to understand what you are permitted to do and what you are not.

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